Image Forgery Detection based on Expectation Maximization Algorithm

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In this project,forgery is vital as the usage of digital pictures and images in several important places such as court or hospital, can misuse the technology and use against the accused in order to get away from the crime.

With the development of high-resolution digital cameras and photographs the probabilities of images and pictures being forged is high as the photographers have the ability to manipulate and forge the images as they desire.

This can lead to a misuse of technology as forgery can lead to a maj or crime or difference in important and critical situation or places such as court, hospital and also education system.

Proposed techniques supported SIFT feature to sight the native feature of image and effective agglomerationThis project planned to analyses a digital image by mistreatment EM rule.

A sample library of cast and unmodified pictures, including a variety of pictures from Associate in Nursing Multi meddling dataset.

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