Hyper Spectral Multi Spectral Images Fusion Using Matlab

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Multimodal medical image fusion is effectuated to minimize the redundancy while augmenting the necessary information from the input images acquired using different medical imaging sensors. The sole aim is to yield a single fused image, which could be more informative for efficient clinical analysis. This paper presents? multimodal fusion framework using the non? sub-sampled Contourlet transform (NSCT) domains for images acquired using two distinct medical imaging sensor modalities (i.e., magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scan). The major advantage of using NSCT is to improve upon the shift variance, directionality, and phase information in the final fused image. Does the first stage employ an NSCT domain for fusion? and then the second stage to enhance the contrast of the diagnostic features by using the Guided filter. A quantitative analysis of fused images is carried out using dedicated fusion metrics. The fusion responses of the proposed approach are also compared with other state-of-the-art fusion approaches; depicting the superiority of the obtained fusion results. Finally, segment the tumor part by applying Fuzzy C-Means Clustering.


The main? the purpose is to scan the medical image as a fusion by using image processing technique and it’s one of the techniques which we used . and also we used deep learning which comes under image processing. It is used for diagnoses like CT SCAN, MRI SCAN, etc?

Existing method:

  • Image averaging and maximization method
  • Principal component analysis
  • Discrete Cosine Transform


  • Contrast information loss due to averaging method
  • The maximizing approach is sensitive to sensor noise
  • Spatial distortion is high
  • Limited performance in terms of edge and texture representation


  • NSCT


  • Efficient compression ratio
  • Accuracy is high
  • Visual quality is high
  • Security is high
  • NSCT provides better edges and texture regions than other transforms

Block diagram

Hyper Spectral Multi Spectral Images Fusion Using Matlab



There are 3 types of images used in Digital Image Processing. They are

  1. Binary Image
  2. Gray Scale Image
  3. Color Image


In this research, we proposed the wavelet-based fusion approach for PET and MRI image diagnosis. The experiment has tested on three dieses datasets named for normal axial, normal coronal, and Alzheimer’s disease brain images. The wavelet decomposition of the dataset has been done four-level with low and high activity regions. The quality of the fused image is tested using the MSE and PSNR approaches. This proposed method gives 90-95% accuracy for the fusion. The experiment is tested over the haar wavelet approach. This experiment can be extended towards the haar and db1 wavelet for the three-dimensional medical multi-model databases with for fusion. Medical image fusion plays a dynamic role in medical imaging applications by helping the radiologists for spotting the abnormality, especially tumors in MRI brain images. The proposed image fusion algorithm has been analyzed for different types of MRI and CT images From the obtained results it is noted that the proposed method NSCT is giving better results than other methods.


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