Home Automation System using NFC and Raspberry Pi

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Home Automation System using NFC and Raspberry Pi

NFC Home Automation

Home Automation System using NFC and Raspberry Pi – Home automation is becoming more and more popular day by day due to its numerous advantages. This can be achieved by local networking or by remote control. This paper aims at designing a basic home automation application on Raspberry Pi by detecting the person’s presence by detecting the presence of an NFC band within its range. LEDs were used to indicate the switching action. The user who is having the NFC wrist band, which their device is pre-configured with this system so that it always searching for the device when the NFC wrist band comes into the range, the Light and Fan will be turned ON automatically, similarly, when the band is in out of range all appliances should turn OFF. home-automation-system-using-NFC-and-raspberry-pi


Smart systems are showing enormous growth in technology by having the intelligence to work on their own. Normally, all wearing the smart band, by using NFC enabled smart band, home automation becomes autonomous which gets ON/OFF by checking whether the device is in range or in out of range.


In the existing system, home automation is done by sending messages through mobile or devices were controlled by the user commands through emails too. 



In our proposed system designing a basic home automation application on Raspberry Pi, which is automatically turned ON when the NFC band is within the range and turned OFF automatically when it is out of range. So home automation becomes further advantageous using the NFC band.

NFC-Near Field Communication is a set of? the communication protocol used for exchanging the data between two devices, here it is not needed to be paired every time. Normally, if Bluetooth is turned ON it, always look for Nearby devices for every certain interval of time, by using this technology, when the user’s NFC band comes into the range, Bluetooth will identify the band, by identifying that state we just turned ON of all Home appliances.

The range of the device can be configurable through the program, based on the room size. So that it will be switched at the right range either IN/OUT.


Home automation using an NFC band will make Automatic switching have high efficiency and power saving since it will turn off when the user is not in the room. 


Home Automation System using NFC and Raspberry Pi 1


Bluetooth is connected with raspberry pi in the Active state, then home appliances such as lights, fans, and Television are connected to GPIO pins of the raspberry pi. When the NFC band is in the range then it is detected by Bluetooth, so then functions like switching appliances are performed. 


Home Automation System using NFC and Raspberry Pi 1



  • Raspbian Jessie OS
  • Python


    Near Field Communication system, we can able to configure the range based on the area of the rooms, where we have installed home automation. Likewise, it can be further innovated by unlocking the vehicle when we go near the vehicle by wearing smart bands.  home-automation-system-using-nfc-and-raspberry-pi


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