Home Automation System using Bluetooth and Raspberry Pi

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Home Automation System

Home Automation System using Bluetooth and Raspberry Pi – Home Automation System Through E-Mail using Raspberry electronic devices and appliances have become very common in this recent year of technology, especially with the fast development of smartphones. In this paper, the design of the Home Automation System compatibly with Local housing and good features for home automation via remote access is presented. Bluetooth Based Home Automation System Using Android and Arduino is designed and implemented. In this research work, a part of smart home technology which uses Bluetooth in a mobile device is used, so it will cheap and efficient to use. Raspberry pi microcontroller for connecting the appliances, a Bluetooth module for signal transfer, and a smartphone with the Android application to control home appliances. Bluetooth communication technology and controlled system are that the operating range is low, but it can control from anywhere inside of the home, by using smartphone application we can control household appliances and provide security to decrepit peoples. The idea of the paper is to control home appliances to avoid the danger of electric shock and convenience for decrepit and physically disabled people, who can easily access and control the home appliances by staying at a particular place and accessing them remotely without the help of other people. By using this system, our home automation works smartly by providing increased quality of life and comforts to users.


Home automation is the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. An automated home is sometimes called a smart home. Home automation can include scheduling and automatic operation security systems, lighting, reminder systems, and entertainment appliances. Home automation may also allow many vital home functions to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a device connected to the Internet. The fundamental components of a well-designed home automation system (HAS) include a computer (or computers) with the appropriate programming, the various devices and systems to be controlled, interconnecting cables or wireless links, a high-speed Internet connection, and essential home systems.

Existing system

  • Controlling appliances using IR based remote control device
  • Controlling through claps and gestures
  • Conventional switchboard system
  • It can be to control home devices with a switch
  • The time-Based load controlling (ON/OFF) method will be used in the existing system
  • In a common node, all the information is fetched and analyzed


  • The remote control is not practical in most cases since each button is for a particular function
  • The range of control is very low
  • In controlled appliances, the controlling range is always limited and it depends on signal strength
  • The remote control uses IR or RF communication this makes the controlling range lower
  • Cannot be used in many applications

Proposed system

Voice Recognition-based home automation using Raspberry Pi. The project deals with both Software and Hardware components. The hardware part consists of input command is voice, it means controlling home appliances by voice. The block diagram consists of a Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth module, Relay circuit board, 5v power supply, and android mobile. Python is used as the main programming language provided by Raspberry pi


  • Users can easily control the home appliances and easy to pair the Bluetooth module
  • The system is very efficient and fast
  • Here the system is fully controlled by the user and minimum human assistance


Home Automation System using Bluetooth and Raspberry Pi


In this proposed system, Smart Home Automation System, an open-source android platform is used. which are connected through relays, when we send the commands through Bluetooth from a mobile phone. Android application from any mobile device connects to the Bluetooth module HC-06 and controls the home appliance devices such as light, AC, TV, and Fan. For the safety purpose of this project, Bluetooth connection of application and Bluetooth device need password when paring for authorized using. After that confirm the message for the Bluetooth connection is successful and then list on available devices in the android application that can control as remote devices


Home Automation System using Bluetooth and Raspberry


  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD card
  • Bulb
  • Fan
  • Bluetooth module


  • Program: Python
  • Platform: Python 3 IDLE
  • Raspberry pi os: Raspian os


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