Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN and Node MCU

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    Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN and Node MCU 

            In the present scenario, there is no mechanism to find where irrigation is needed. In this project, we made a Zigbee wireless sensor network for monitoring the humidity level by Deploying moisture sensors on the land to detect the places where the water content is low and some more environmental monitoring parameters. From the above methodology, we Can conserve water and minimize the problem of waterlogging on the land. We used a humidity Sensor to sense the weather. By this,? farmers can get an idea about the climate. If there is any chance of rainfall; the farmer need not irrigate the crop field. Due to this, we can Conserve water and also power since we don’t turn on motors. Nowadays in the crops, the Fertilizer level is increasing, which affects people. By using pH sensors we get information about the soil and analyze the acid level of the soil. By which we can apply fertilizer To the place where it is needed, also we can avoid over-fertilization of the crops. Temperature is a Randomly varying quantity in the environment of the paddy field. Temperature reading gives Information to the farmer. By using temperature sensors we can detect the temperature, and Irrigate the water to the crop.


As it is well known, a greenhouse is a building where plants are grown. Greenhouses are often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and tobacco plants. Basic factors affecting plant growth are sunlight, the water content in the soil, temperature, CO2 concentration, etc. These physical factors are hard to control manually inside a greenhouse and there is a need for automated design. Greenhouses are very useful for the following reason they provide an optimal temperature around plants, protect them from weather extremes, extends the growing season, allow you to sow plants earlier and harvest plants later, and allows economic crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and aborigines to crop more successfully


  • Mobile communication was used
  • The only humidity level was determined
  • The data were transmitted using Bluetooth communication protocol.


  • In the existing system, we can’t able to detect temperature
  • This system can?t able to work properly in low-range network areas
  • The accuracy of output is less
  • This system needs an internet connection all time


  • Uses the WSN technology
  • More greenhouse monitoring parameters.
  • An application was created for irrigation.


  • Using wireless network technology in this system is the main advantage
  • Reduces manpower in greenhouse
  • An automatic irrigation system was also implemented
  • Cost-effective system
  • Accuracy of output is increased

Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN and Node MCU



Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN and Node MCU


Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN and Node MCU 1


Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN and Node MCU


  • This System consists of NodeMCU which is interfaced with DHT11(Temperature & Humidity sensor), PH sensor, Soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, Zigbee module, Water pump and DC fan.
  • The sensors present here give the data to NodeMCU and it is monitored and controlled by the WSN protocol.
  • In the receiver section, the Zigbee module is interfaced with the PC through serial communication


  • NodeMCU ESP8266
  • DHT11
  • PH sensor
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Water level sensor
  • Zigbee module
  • Water pump
  • DC fan


  • Programming platform: Arduino IDE
  • Programming language: Embedded C


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