Face Emotion Recognition using CNN | Opencv and Python



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These days the number of accidents is increasing tremendously. Disproportionate number of accidents takes place in the night time. According to the report of W.H.O there is going to be an increase in the number of accidents by 67% majorly comprising of night accidents.

There are two main reasons for why such accidents take place. They are improper lighting conditions and glare of vehicle head light. Hence for this project “Adaptive vehicle lighting system”the main aim is to control the brightness of the headlight and to properly illuminate the path so that we can easily find if there are any pedestrians in the way of a curved path. By this project I would like to contribute a little bit to the engineering society and save the lives of many.

In this project there will be three features they are (I) to reduce the headlight glare (ii) adaptive headlight during curved road and (iii) remote control of head lights. Based on camera sensor we will control the headlight glare to high beam or low beam. In the other case based on the motion of the steering the headlight motion is also controlled so that the complete way in the curved path is illuminated. In another case when we need to find out our parking vehicle, we can control it through our smart phone using beagle bone black connected to Wi?-Fi.

In this project, image processing is done by using open CV and C++ programming is used to generate a PWM signal from the angle of the white line of the road obtained using open CV which is given as input to the motor. The various operations like RGB to gray conversion, thresholding, morphological operations of image recognition and processing are performed on live scene from the camera to obtain the desired result of the angle value of the white line of the road. And thus make driving at night time safe and comfortable.

Existing system

  • Manual operated dim light
  • Sensor based light detection
  • Fully hardware based implementation

Proposed system

  • Camera based light detection
  • Can Detect the direction from which vehicle is coming
  • Can vary the direction of light
  • Uses opencv for image processing
  • Can be embedded with any vehicle

Hardware requirements

  • Arduino Uno board
  • Camera
  • Driver circuit.
  • Motor
  • LED array

Software requirements

  • Arduino IDE, python IDLE
  • Python, Embedded C
  • Open CV

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