Encrypted Image Transmission Over Ofdm System

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Encrypted Image Transmission Over Ofdm System


Wireless communication refers to transfer of data and information without using a wire, cable or any electrical conductor. It is one of the most relevant technologies in mobile and computer communication today, primarily making use of radio waves. With emergence of this technology, security of the data transmitted became a pertinent issue. To prevent unauthorized access to valuable information, various security standards have been developed over the past few years. These improvements include methods such as encryption of data at source and decryption at destination, scrambling of data, precoding etc. In this paper, dual-sided encryption and scrambling technique for an OFDM system is proposed. An XOR algorithm is employed for encryption and chaotic scrambling is used to fulfil scrambling needs. The method is employed for a channel which is characterized by AWGN. 16-QAM is utilized to modulate the encrypted data. The BER for various images is tabulated. Clipping used in the proposed method helps improve PAPR of the given information. Encrypted Image Transmission Over Ofdm System


The FFT based MIMO-OFDM systems


Low Data Transmission Due to High Bit Loss Interference

Hard decision decoding systems


DWT based MIMO OFDM with turbo decoding various modulation techniques BER analysis

4-QAM, 16QAM, 64 QAM


  • Iterative soft decision based decoding methodology
  • Time Duration is less
  • Retransmission of data over the network decreased
  • Carrier recovery is high for other application is high


  • Dual scenario rate capacity networks
  • City coverage area analysis on Improvement through WIFI connection.
  • Medical application through Emergency Analysis on mobile communication


  • MATLAB 2014a or above versions


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