Embedded based Personal Assiatant System

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During busy professional life it is hard to keep track of every gadget and needful things. People often miss important things like licenses when they start their day in a rush, this leads to unnecessary problems. This can be avoided by building a system to track your license and other gadgets. If you forget to take it with you and go out of your house you will be notified, an alarm can be sounded to alert the person. This system can also be integrated with an alcohol detection, if the driver is drunk then ignition will not turn on. This system can be effectively used for a safe driving environment. Here arduino can be used for developing the project, all sensors will be connected to arduino. This system is also capable of detecting any health problem with the driver, this can be monitored through a number of sensors. Here we can measure the pulse and temperature of the person to monitor their health.


Nowadays people face a lot of problems in their day to day life. They aren’t able to remember all the things that they need. So in this project we aim to help the people by using our embedded based Personal Assistant System, by using some efficient sensors into it. This system is also a mini health care monitoring system because pulse sensor and temperature sensors are interfaced with arduino. We can even find? License in this system finally we can identify a drunken person by using our system


  • Specific gadgets to track keys are available
  • Driver safety systems such as airbag and ABS
  • Online driver assistant system for luxury cars


  • Specific application with limited scope
  • Not for detecting problems only deployed after the incident
  • Very costly system
  • Accuracy of output is less


  • System to notify missing items
  • RF based tracking
  • If gadget is out of range of the main node that the person then person is notified
  • Identification of drunk driver
  • Monitoring drivers health


  • Easy to track
  • Very cost effective
  • RF network
  • Can be monitored easily



Embedded based Personal Assiatant System



Embedded based Personal Assiatant System 1


Embedded based Personal Assiatant System RECEIVER

Embedded based Personal Assiatant System TRANSMITTER


  • The sensors that are mentioned above in block diagram acts an input device
  • They give live readings to the microcontroller in receiver node
  • RF Transmitter is connected with the microcontroller in transmitter node
  • RF receiver receives input and send to microcontroller


  • Arduino Uno
  • Alcohol sensor
  • Pulse sensor
  • Temperature sensor (DHT11)
  • Buzzer
  • RF receiver and transmitter


  • Programming platform : Arduino IDE
  • Programming language: Embedded

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