Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi

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Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi

The main aim of this paper proposes a system to act as a smart mirror that displays dates, times, and weather updates that can be collected from the internet and displayed in that smart mirror. In today’s modern world, Intelligent systems are not only present in the smartphone and tablet-based Computers. In the future, intelligent devices came into existence. Like that smart mirror and also the intelligent smart system. This system is built with raspberry pi, a camera, and some sensors it is perfectly suitable for smart homes. Weather reports are extracted from the weather cloud. They are Providing API for Extracting the information. If we ask something to mirror it, analyze our speech by using the Speech synthesis module and the result gets displayed on display behind the mirror. That designed smart mirror has the advantage of being small in size and less weight and more compact to use and it is suitable for families.

Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi


Effective time management is an essential factor in increasing the production of day-to-day life. Integration of technology into people?s daily lives have made that time management possible. The use of products such as tablets, PCs, and smartphones has given people access to the tools needed to be productive. However, though successful technological products have been used to increase productivity, the use of technology has become another task on everyone’s daily to-do list. Technology should mold to our schedule, not the other way around. That is where the “Smart” mirror idea originated. “Smart” mirrors have been envisioned for years, part of the broader trend in imbuing everyday objects with various “smarts” to improve our lives. The smart mirror idea aimed to integrate technology seamlessly into people?s lives by putting it where everyone’s routine eventually collides. The goal of the smart mirror is to increase a user’s productivity by saving them time. Household Smart Mirrors: In consumer applications, the core function is basically twofold: Be a general informational hub, derived from viewing one’s reflection as well as augmented with other useful information and provide some style and comfort benefits, in addition to mirror reflectivity and other functions. Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi


  • In the existing system, we can interface Raspberry pi with a camera and display unit. It can display the date, time, and calendar also.
  • If you go in front of a mirror and say something, it will recognize those voices and it will act


  • The accuracy of output is less
  • IoT technology is not implemented in the existing system
  • Fewer sensors are used
  • Internet connection is needed all time for working


  • It is not very efficient in the existing system. It can give values about time, date, and calendar only and it is recognizing some speech.
  • But in the proposed method we interface sensors that also give information about that room.
  • Here we can browse through voice commands and here we visualize google maps with many features available.
  • Weather report status can also get updated and displayed in the display


  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • More information displayed
  • It is a cost-efficient smart e mirror
  • Using IoT in this system is the main advantage according to the latest technology


Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi




Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi 1


Smart e mirror using Raspberry pi 1


                            The overall system consists of Raspberry pi as the heart of this system which can process all the instruction which is interfaced with sensors, camera, and display unit all are connected through IoT. By using weather cloud API we can extract the weather report and it is displayed in that display monitoring unit. It displays date, time, calendar, googles maps and many features are included through python programming.


  • Raspberry pi
  • DHT11
  • Display
  • Camera
  • ISD1820 Voice Record and Playback Module


  • Programming platform: Python IDE
  • Raspberry pi OS: Raspbian Jessie
  • Programming language: Python


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