Dynamic Voltage Restorer

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This project introduces and evaluates an auxiliary control strategy for downstream fault current interruption in a radial distribution line by means of a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR). The proposed controller supplements the voltage-sag compensation control of the DVR. It does not require a phase-locked loop and independently controls the magnitude and phase angle of the injected voltage for each phase. Fast least error squares digital filters are used to estimate the magnitude and phase of the measured voltages and effectively reduce the impacts of noise, harmonics, and disturbances on the estimated phasor parameters, and this enables effective fault current interrupting even under arcing fault conditions. The results of the simulation studies performed in the PSCAD/EMTDC software environment indicate that the proposed control scheme: 1) can limit the fault current to less than the nominal load current and restore the point of common coupling voltage within 10 ms; 2) can interrupt the fault current in less than two cycles; 3) limits the dc-link voltage rise and, thus, has no restrictions on the duration of fault current interruption; 4) performs satisfactorily even under arcing fault conditions; and 5) can interrupt the fault current under low dc-link voltage conditions.


  • There is no inverter on the transmitting side.
  • Less power transmission


  • The inverter will boost more power to the receiving coil.


  • Small size
  • Fast dynamic response
  • High efficient


Dynamic Voltage Restorer 9
Dynamic Voltage Restorer 9



  • PIC Controller
    Dynamic Voltage Restorer 7
    Dynamic Voltage Restorer 7


  • Driver Board
    Dynamic Voltage Restorer 6
    Dynamic Voltage Restorer 6


  • Single-phase inverter
Dynamic Voltage Restorer 8
Dynamic Voltage Restorer 8


  • RL circuit

    Dynamic Voltage Restorer 4
    Dynamic Voltage Restorer 4




In this project an overview of DVR and it is protected from voltage sag and swells. DVR is an effective custom power device for voltage sags and swells mitigation. The impact of voltage sags on sensitive equipment is severe. Therefore, DVR is considered to be an efficient solution due to its relatively low cost and small size, also it has a fast dynamic response. The DVR handles both balanced and unbalanced situations without any difficulties and injects the appropriate voltage component to correct rapidly any anomaly in the supply voltage to keep the load voltage balanced and constant at the nominal value.

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