Drowsiness Detection using using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

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Drowsiness Detection using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

Li-Fi is the advanced technology of the world. In this project is concise the vehicle to vehicle communication to avoid accidents. We use the ultrasonic sensor, gas sensor, vibration sensor, LCD display, normal robot setup, and Li-Fi transmitter and receiver. If any abnormal condition in a front vehicle means this vehicle will stop on the second. Li-fi is connected with the UART function to the microcontroller. Drowsiness Detection using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV



The proposed paper aims in using Wi-Fi technology and enabling the communication of vehicles with the traffic light system in order to prioritize the vehicles and change the signals accordingly rather than by a process of pre-defined order or by manual order. Traffic lights already use LED lighting, so this proposed system may seem easy to implement. Sending data through siren lights in an ambulance and fire extinguishers to a traffic light control system and switching the signal in order to allow faster and non-interrupted transport.



  • Wi-Fi has been used which provides only short range

Proposed System

  • Illumination and? communication
  • The optical output is varied at an extremely high speed
  • Unutilized electromagnetic spectrum
  • Can be used in more environment
  • No health problems


  • Leif can pass the message to longer range


    • It is only used for automobile purpose.

    Hardware Requirement:

    • Arduino Uno
    • LCD display
    • Ultrasonic sensor
    • Vibration sensor
    • Gas sensor
    • Li-Fi Transmitter / Receiver

    Software Requirement:

    • Arduino IDE
    • ORCAD Design


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