Digital Door Lock With Mail Alert using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

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Digital Door Lock With Mail Alert using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

This paper deals with the development of a safety system that is integrated with the smart helmet and intelligent bike to reduce accidents and other drunk and drive cases for two-wheelers. Here pressure sensor and the accelerometer sensor check whether the person wears a helmet or not. Also, at the same, an alcohol sensor is used to detect the alcoholic content from the rider’s breath. The vehicle will not start if the rider is not wearing a helmet or if the rider is drunken. Whenever the rider crashes, the helmet hits the ground and the sensor detects the motion and reports the accident case information to the family members of the rider via IoT.

Digital Door Lock With Mail Alert using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV


Beginning with the quote? BE CAUTIOUS EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS? the main reason for road accidents is because of our carelessness and over speed. In order to overcome such a situation where we are using several sensors such as pressure sensor, accelerometer sensor, and alcohol sensors to check whether the rider wears a helmet or if he is drunken or not, and if so the vehicle will not get started. Thus we can reduce accidents and hence our objective is to develop a two-wheeler safety system that aims for accident prevention, detection, and reporting and to reduce the probability of two-wheeler accidents and the probability of drunk and drive cases.

Existing system:

The existing system aims at accident detection and notification. Detection is made by using several sensors and web-based services. The vehicle location is obtained by making use of GPS. But it has certain disadvantages like less accuracy in the detection, there is no system to check if the rider is wearing a helmet or not, and also there is no attempt to prevent drunk and drive cases.


  • Less accuracy in the detection of accidents.
  • There is no system to check if the rider is wearing the helmet or not.
  • There is no attempt to prevent drunk and drive cases.

Proposed system:

In this proposed system, both sensors for checking if the rider wears a helmet and to check if he is drunk or not. It mainly aims at the prevention, detection, and reporting of accidents. Here we are using NODEMCU. If an accident is detected alert message will be sent to the concerned person using MQTT communication. This system mainly includes 3 units

  • Helmet unit
  • Bike unit
  • Receiver unit


  • totally automated system
  • can receive alerts from any remote location
  • GPS based locating
  • low-cost implementation


  • Alcohol sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • LCD
  • LED




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