Digital Art Drawing using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV



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Present days, technology far advanced to do things. Digital revolution is one of the major trends in the industry. Art drawing is one of the toughest job once but now it become easy. Here we proposed digital art drawing in the air through hand gestures and using a camera capturing the digital art.We are giving different hand gestures to draw an art. Here each finger covered with different colours and the gesture captured by camera and displays the digital art using raspberry pi.



Gesture Recognition is a technology which is used to identify human gestures with the help of mathematical algorithms. Gesture recognition recognizes the hand, tracks the hand movements & also provides information about hand position orientation and flux of the fingers. The colour markers are placed at the tip of the user fingers. This helps the webcam to identify the movement of hand and the gesture recognition. The drawing application allows the user you to draw on any surface by tracking the fingertip movements of the user’s index finger. The pictures that are drawn by the user can be stored and replaced on any other surface. The user can also shuffle through various pictures and drawing by using the hand gesture movements.



  • Sensor based digital pen



  • Some board is required for writing



  • Gesture based digital pen



  • It is a method of training hands to quickly sketch what the brain has already seen. 



Digital Art Drawing using raspberry pi



The system consists of ARM11 Raspberry Pi device, camera and Projector. There are colour markers placed at the tip of users fingers. Marking the user’s fingers with red, yellow, green and blue coloured tape helps the camera to recognize the hand gestures. Captured gesture image is transferred to the ARM11 Raspberry Pi device for further processing. Projector receives the information from the ARM11 Raspberry Pi device & projects on to any particular surface or screen. 



  •  Raspberry Pi
  •  SD card
  •  Monitor



  • Raspbian
  • OpenCV
  • Language – Linux , Embedded C

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