Detecting Diseases in Gastrointestinal Biopsy Images using deep learning


Machine learning and computer vision have found applications in medical science and, recently, pathology. In particular, deep learning methods for medical diagnostic imaging can reduce delays in diagnosis and give improved accuracy rates over other analysis techniques.

This project focuses on methods with applicability to automated diagnosis of images obtained from gastrointestinal biopsies. These deep learning techniques for biopsy images may help detect distinguishing features in tissues affected by enteropathies.

Learning from different areas of an image, or looking for similar patterns in new images, allow for the development of potential classification or clustering models Techniques like these provide a cutting-edge solution to detecting anomalies.

In this project we explore state of the art deep learning architectures used for the visual recognition of natural images and assess their applicability in medical image analysis of digitized human gastrointestinal biopsy slides.

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