COVID-19 Detection in Xray Images using Matlab

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COVID-19 Detection in Xray Images using Matlab


Coronaviruses are important human and animal pathogens. To date the novel COVID-19 corona virus is rapidly spreading worldwide and subsequently threatening health of billions of humans. COVID-19 Detection in Xray Images using Matlab

Clinical studies have shown that most COVID-19 patients suffer from the lung infection. Although chest CT has been shown to be an effective imaging technique for lung-related disease diagnosis, chest Xray is more widely available due to its faster imaging time and considerably lower cost than CT.

Deep learning, one of the most successful AI techniques, is an effective means to assist radiologists to analyze the vast amount of chest X-ray images, which can be critical for efficient and reliable COVID-19 screening. In this work, we aim to develop a new deep anomaly detection model for fast, reliable screening.

To evaluate the model performance, we have collected 100 chest X-ray images of 70 patients confirmed with COVID-19 from the Github repository. To facilitate deep learning, more data are needed.

Thus, we have also collected 1431 additional chest X-ray images confirmed as other pneumonia of 1008 patients from the public Chest X-ray14 data set. Our initial experimental results show that the model developed here can reliably detect 96.00% COVID-19 cases (sensitivity being 96.00%) and 70.65% non-COVID-19 cases (specificity being 70.65%) when evaluated on 1531 Xray images with two splits of the dataset. COVID-19 Detection in Xray Images using Matlab

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