College Students Career Counselling Expert System

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College Students Career Counselling Expert System

In order to improve the services related to counselling process, many online counselling systems came into existence which supports the students in getting required help about the educational policies of universities and colleges. Counselling is the process that includes different types of activities such as guiding students towards colleges and universities, supporting them to register with their courses, providing full guidance in getting the information related to their college registration process. This online counselling system even gives great support to universities and colleges through which they can totally reduce the paper usage for counselling and guiding the students towards their university courses. Basically this software includes three different modules in which universities can manage their college records, student?s records as well as counselling sections.


Many existing counselling systems are manual based in which their is a huge involvement of humans and paper work which consumes more time, costly process, counselling more students is a complex task, difficulties in exam evaluations, risks in data management and many more.

College Students Career Counselling Expert System


In this proposed system, it is a two-way beneficiary process to universities as well as students. Students can view courses offered in universities and colleges and will get guidance in opting for a course as well as they will be counselled online. Universities can manage their student database and support students starting from course selection up to certification. This proposed system is having many added advantages that it is a cost effective process which consumes less time and does not include any human errors because every activity will be performed through online. College Students Career Counselling Expert System

Software Requirements:

Language  JAVA

Front End JSP, Servlet

Back End My SQL

Web server  Glasshfish server

Hardware Requirements:

Processor > 2GHZ

Hard disc 40 GB


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