Comparison of Detection Method on Malaria Cell Images

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In this project, thresholding is one of the most important preprocessing steps. Thresholding is a sort of picture division that separates protest apportioning a picture into a closer view and foundation.

This project will describe a few selected thresholding methods such as Fuzzy C-Mean Algorithm’s method, Wolf’s method, Bradley’s method, Bernsen’s method, Triangle’s Method and Deghost’s Method. Each method will experiment with the malaria image.

The objective of thresholding method is to simplify an image into something that is easier to examine.The image will be separated by unused background with uncertainty. The thresholding method will undergo image quality analysis such as Sensitivity and Specificity.

Based on numerical anaylsis the Fuzzy C-Mean Algorithm method is more effective and good performance compared to the other methods.

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