Brain Controlled Robotic Arm


Brain Controlled Robotic Arm

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)? is the way of communication using Thoughts of Brain (EEG) without using any Muscle control, Especially for Paralyzed people.? EEG (Electroencephalography) is the recording of electrical activities of the Brain along the Scalp. There are several EEG bands which having different frequencies such as? Delta (<4hz), Theta (4-8hz), Alpha (8-14hz), Gamma (>30 Hz).?robotic arm

In this project, we have provided the source code too? Control the Robotic Arm by Blink detection Using Brainsense

Project description

Arduino is programmed to set Commands values to the Robotic Arm and also for the Bluetooth interface. Both Brain sense (Mind wave mobile) and Robotic Arm ( via HC-05 ) get paired to the laptop or pc. Matlab read the Raw EEG from our Brain via Brain sense and detect blink as a command for the Robotic arm. Matlab GUI shows the Graphical representation of our Brain waves and the blink pattern. Mind Wave Mobile reads RAW EEG waves from our brain, Among that our Blink waves get filtered using Matlab and it makes us control over Robotic-arm via Bluetooth by Eye Blink. robotic arm?

Steps for Robotic Arm Setup

1. Open Arduino IDE Application

2. Upload the? robotic arm. in? file to the Arduino

3. Power? either by placing Batteries or External supply ( 9 v ) to the Arduino

4. Place the Arduino Board and the Bluetooth Module in the Arm Board

5. Connect all wires from each motor to the respective pins in the Arm Board

6. Observe the LED in Bluetooth Module turn ON

7. Now Arm is ready to get commands

Steps for Mindwave Mobile communication

1. Switch on the Mind wave mobile (Observe LED glows in it)

2. Now turn on the Bluetooth in the Laptop or Pc

3. Pair both the Mind wave mobile (Default key: 0000) and Bluetooth Module HC-05?(Default key: 1234)

4. Open the?Demoarm.m? file using Matlab

5. Run the Program so that it popups the Controller Display

6. Now it’s ready to get commands

7. Now start Blinking for our needs to Move each Motor.

Hardware required

1. Mind wave Mobile or Brainsense

2. Robotic Arm

3. Arduino Board

4. HC-05 Bluetooth Module

5. USB Cable for Arduino

6. Bluetooth dongle, if your pc does not have internal Bluetooth capabilities

7. Batteries for Armor External Power supply ( 9 v )

Software required

    • Arduino IDE
    • Matlab 2013b ( 32 bit)
    • Motor and its Wire Representation

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