Brain Control Robot using Arduino


Brain Controlled Robot Using Arduino


In our society there are more people suffering from paralytic diseases causes them several disabilities like they are unable to talk and unable to move physically and unable to express their everyday basic needs, but they can still use their eyes and sometimes move their heads. Brain Controlled Robot Using Arduino robot using Bluetooth This Project is working under the principle of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)?

Our model helps them to control the wheelchair to the desired place by their eye blink. So they don’t need any caretaker to drive them, they can drive their wheelchair themselves. The wheelchair starts moving when we run the program, then the direction is chosen by having eye blinks.?

Brain Control Robot using Arduino


  • Remote-controlled robot
  • Joystick robot
  • Bluetooth robot

Brain Control Robot using Arduino


The proposed system is designed based on a brain-computer interface, BCI is used for detecting a person’s eye blink. Using eye blink user should be able to control the robot, this can be made possible by using Matlab GUI. The signal from BrainSense is read and this is processed in Matlab, if an eye blink is detected the corresponding interrupt is sent to Arduino for robot control.


Brain robo

Brain Controlled Robotic Car Using Arduino


  • Arduino Uno
  • Brain sense
  • Robot chassis (Motor, Driver IC)
  • Batteries
  • HC-05 (Bluetooth)?



  • Arduino IDE
  • Matlab?
  • Embedded C?


This system can be easily reconfigurable for other parameters like attention, meditation, and adding a number of blinks for movement in furthermore directions. The intensity of Eyeblink differs for every human, we can reconfigure the code for high accuracy for blink detection.


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