Biometric Security System Using Palmprint And Cryptanalysis

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Biometric Security System Using Palmprint And Cryptanalysis

The project presents robust person authentication scheme based on palmprint biometrics and hybrid cryptographic techniques. The security system involves the techniques of steganography, cryptography and pattern recognition.? A Biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system that makes use of biometric traits to recognize individuals. One of the most useful personal biometric is palmprint which consists of more sufficient features points for individual unique identification. Palm is the inner surface of a hand between the wrist and the fingers. Palmprint is referred to principal lines, wrinkles and ridges on the palm. The system has two phases such as user registration phase and authentication phase. User registration phase is for enrolling person privacy data with their biometric. Next these data?s are encrypted using public key type elliptical curve cryptography and this confidential information concealed into person palmprint 2D image using effective steganographic algorithm called bits substitution method. In order to minimize the error between original and stego image, reserving coefficients will be done via lifting wavelet decomposition before image encryption. Here, the palmprint image will be encrypted using symmetric key chaos encryption. In authentication phase, recognition will be performed through two levels such as password matching and palmprint matching. The palmprint texture will be characterized using two effective local descriptors Local binary pattern codes and Gabor filter bank. These combined features are utilized to match input and already stored templates. If the two of these authentications is successful then the person gets authenticated otherwise not authenticated. The simulated system shows that a used methodology provides better information security and texture analysis rather than prior approaches. Biometric Security System Using Palmprint And Cryptanalysis

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