BCI based Password Validation using Matlab

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BCI-based Password Validation using Matlab?


                      There are several people suffering from ALS, a deficiency disease that causes them immobilization of their body parts, they are not able to move, talk and some people are unable to move even their heads. These people are also required to vote in an election but the current system is totally based on visual logos. This makes them need to use another person’s help for voting and this person may vote for the wrong candidate. Here we propose a solution for this problem by introducing a brain wave sensor-based blind voting system. each candidate logo is given to the voter as audio through a headset if the person blinks at a particular instant it will be noted as a vote.??

Mind wave mobile works on the principle of BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) which monitors EEG waves from the Brain. It acquires brain signals and translates them into commands that are relayed to output devices that carry out the desired action. It is based on EEG.

EEG? Electroencephalography monitors the Electrical property of the Brain along the Scalp (Non-invasive). An EEG records brain wave patterns. Small disks (Electrodes) are placed on the scalp, and then send signals to a computer to record the signals to a computer. Electrical activity in the brain makes a recognizable pattern.


                     This project works under EEG waves to detect eye blink and to process voting via eye blink. It is more secure. That it doesn’t show the password on the screen, this project suggests the new way of password authentication for paralyzed people that password of the certain application is preprogrammed by them, and it is succeeded by typing password simply by having eye blinks.

To avoid others knowing the selection of passkeys, the voice command is sent through headphones to choose each character. The number of the character is also pre-programmed by users after it reaches the correct number of passkeys it automatically shows whether the password is authenticated or not.


  • Switch on the Mind wave Mobile
  • Now turn on the Bluetooth in the Laptop or Pc
  • Pair both the Mind wave mobile (Default key: 0000) and Bluetooth Module HC-05 (Default key: 1234)
  • Open the code?Password_authentication_using_mindwavemobile.m? file using Matlab
  • Before Running the program it is essential to change the com port number in the program. After connecting the Mind wave mobile to the laptop Go for Bluetooth Settings -> More Bluetooth option ->? COM port tab and observe the com port number which has Direction on?OUTGOING?. It’s the port number that has to be changed in the Program
  • Open Command window simultaneously for identification for? when to BLINK? and whether Blink is detected or not
  • Wear the Headphone to listen to commands
  • Run the code by clicking? f 5?????
  • Now password authentication window appears as below
  • Listen to the commands to select the passkeys
  • Each character gets typed by using eye blink
  • After it reaches the number of characters of the real password, it automatically shows whether this password is authenticated or not


BCI Password
BCI based Password Validation using Matlab


  • Mind Wave Mobile
  • Laptop or Pc
  • Headphone
  • Bluetooth dongle, if your pc does not have internal Bluetooth


  • Matlab 2013b (32 bit)
  • Brain Sense
  • Source Code? Matlab


                         This project is the initial step for password authentication, It suggests more new ways for paralyzed people to use password authentication for several applications like account login, password-protected systems, password enabled locking systems, etc.


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