Automatic Road Quality Logger Using MQTT ? Node MCU



????????? To design and implement a system to monitor road quality using data from all vehicles.

Existing system:

  • Manual surveying
  • Dedicated personal based monitoring

Proposed system:

This system is designed for automatic road quality monitoring and logging. This system can be embedded to any vehicle on road. Here we use different kind smart sensors for detecting anomalies on the road, such as accelerometer sensor for detecting bumps and gutters on in the roads by calculating linear acceleration of the vehicle, if any anomaly is detected then the location of the vehicle noted using GPS module embedded with the system. This data is uploaded to a cloud for creating a map based on which maintenance can be done.

Hardware tools:

  • Nodemcu
  • GPS module
  • Accelerometer
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • IR sensor
  • ADC

Software tools:

  • Arduino IDE

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