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Arduino Sensor Shield?is a low-cost board that allows you to connect a range of?sensors?to your?Arduino?using easy-to-attach jumper cables.

The Arduino Sensor Shield approves?plug and play connection to?quite a number?modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers and more

  • Suitable for Arduino UNO and Mega Boards
    ? IIC interface
    ? Bluetooth module?conversationinterface
    ? SD card module?conversationinterface
    ? APC220?wi-fi?RF module?conversation?interface
    ? RB URF v1.1 ultrasonic sensors interface
    ? 128 x?sixty four?LCD parallel interface
    ? 32 servo controller interface

    You can?effortlessly?join?with?standard?analog sensors?with the aid of?the usage of?this?growth?board, such as temperature sensor.
    Those 3-way male pins?permit?you to?join?servo motors.
    Everything is plug and play, and?it is?designed to be Arduino UNO compatible. So all you?want?to do is to?study?the?statistics?from the sensors
    and output PWM to?force?the servos?via?software?in arduino.

Connecting Sensors and Output Devices

When it comes to connecting the sensor?protect?with sensors and output devices,?strength?pins?ought to?be?linked?the?proper?way as follows.
G goes to 0V or G or Gnd or GND on the sensor
V goes to 5V or V or Vcc or VCC on the sensor
S goes to the?sign?pin – IN or OUT
Some output-devices and sensors come with?two?sign?pins (or more) with two or?more?0V & +5V.
In that case?choose?one of the?sign?pins to?join?the Signal, 0V, and +5V with the S, G, and V pins on the sensor?guard?and?pick?the S pins on?some other?port for?organising?the?different?sign?connections.

Photo-Resistor Sensor
Some sensors like 4-wire Photo-resistor Sensor comes with?two?wires for power, as above,?however?raise?two?sign?pins, one is marked as ?DO? and?any other?is marked as ?A0? This is the?identical?sign?on hand?in two versions.

  1. Analog Signal
    The AO is an analog?signthat represents the?milddegree?the place?0V?indicates?the?most?mild?degree?and 5V?suggests?the?darkish?light.
    analog Read?practice?is used to?examine?this?sign?and is?many times?related?to the analog?enter?of the sensor shield.
    The A0 analog?sign?is?study?as 1023 for?darkish?mild?and?zero?for?most?light.
  2. Digital Signal
    The DO is a digital?signthat represents the?milddegree?and is?accessible?in two?special?states i.e.?common sense?low (0V) and?good judgment?excessive?(5V)
    The variable resistor?on hand?on the sensor module is used to set the switchover level. This digital?sign?is?frequently?related?to the digital?enter?on the sensor shield.
    The digital Read ?practice?is used to?examine?this?sign?the place?1 represents the?darkish?and?zero?represents the light.

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