Node To Node Communication Based Vehicle Grid For Smart Transportation Using MQTT


A node to node communication-based vehicle grid for smart transportation using MQTT


              This paper aims to implement a vehicle to vehicle communication system to interconnect all vehicles to make a safe transportation system


             This paper presents the specific application of wireless communication, Automotive Wireless Communication also called as Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication. The paper first gives an introduction to Automotive Wireless Communication. It explains the technology used for Automotive Wireless Communication along with the various automotive applications relying on wireless communication. Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is the wireless transmission of data between motor vehicles in real-time. The main aim of V2V communication is to prevent accidents by allowing vehicles in transit to send position and speed data to one another. The vehicle’s driver may simply receive a warning should there be a risk of an accident or the vehicle itself may take preemptive actions such as braking to slow down.


             To avoid collision between two vehicles this system has been designed. This consists controller with wifi and a GPS module. The GPS is used to access the location of the vehicle and wifi is used to communicate between two-vehicle.

The importance of autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles for intelligent transport systems (ITS) is increasing.V2V technologies are simple to implement primarily because of their reliance on wireless communication. Having low power and information rate, ESP8266 happens to be utilized broadly in V2V communication. In this paper, propositions are initiated towards enhancing road safety and handling traffic congestion.


             In the previous method, the system is designed with the help of a Bluetooth module. As the Bluetooth module works under low range and also difficult to pair the data transmission from one vehicle to another vehicle was difficult.


  • The range is very low
  • Needs extra hardware modules
  • Not a general system
  • Not very accurate


               The proposed method is designed with the help of GPS and Wifi. This system works based on IoT. Wifi provides better performance compared to Bluetooth.


  • MQTT protocol is a lightweight protocol
  • communication is very fast
  • The range is unlimited
  • Very effective to build a worldwide system
  • Low-cost implementation

Node To Node Communication Based Vehicle Grid For Smart Transportation Using MQTT


Car 1

Node 2

Car 2

Node 1


The whole system is based on Wi-Fi and GPS connected to Arduino to monitor the vehicle movement. If any vehicle comes near another vehicle then the Arduino passes the alert message to a nearby vehicle. Message queue telemetry transport (MQTT)? a lightweight IOT internet protocol for intercommunication between each node. Here MQTT is used for linking vehicles in traffic.? If the pushbutton will be pressed in the first vehicle the message will be passed through the second vehicle.


  • Controller?
  • wifi module
  • Gps module


  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C


  • Connected vehicle grid
  • Smart traffic system
  • Accident prediction and avoidance system

Node To Node Communication Based Vehicle Grid For Smart Transportation Using MQTT


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