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Printed Circuit Board made an Evolution in the Manufacturing of Electronic Devices

Printed Circuit Board

There is lot of electronic devices around us. Some are these devices are clever, while others make attention of people. But whether it’s a smartphone or any kind of health monitoring devices, they all have some kind of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) at their core.

The invention of PCB is one of the main reasons for electronic circuits to be smaller, and more compact.

What is a Printed Circuit Board?

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is one of the key concepts in electronics. They are also the building blocks of today’s electronic devices.

PCBs are mainly made out of fiberglass, composite epoxy etc. PCBs are commonly linking with computers. They can also be found in many electronic devices that we are using. This includes Televisions, Radios, Digital cameras, Mobile phones and many more.

Why Are PCBs Using?

PCB offer many advantages when comparing with the traditional wired circuits. Their compact and lightweight design, also the easiness in maintenance suits them for using in complex systems. Additionally, they are highly cost-effective because of their low cost of production.

Printed circuit boards are using for many purposes. We can find simple circuit boards in toys or controllers. Advance circuit boards are using in computers and telecommunications.

These qualities are some of the reasons PCBs find application across industries.

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Types of PCB

Most PCB’s manufacturing in the World is rigid. Around 90% of the PCB’s manufacturing today is rigid boards. There are also flexible PCB’s, allowing the circuits to be bent and fold. These flexible boards comprise roughly 10% of the market.

Rigid flex circuits are a small subset of these types of circuits. Here one part of the board is rigid which is ideal for mounting and connecting components. Other parts are flexible, that also providing the advantages of flexible circuits.

Printed Circuit Boards are also the core component in almost all the electronic gadgets including the cell phones and the computers and laptops. Therefore there is a huge increase in demand for PCB. The numbers of PCB services are rising day by day. An effective PCB design can also help to reduce the possibilities of errors and the chances of short circuit.

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