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We are using so many Power Electronics applications in our daily life, without even realizing it.

Power Electronics

Power electronics (PE) is the engineering study of changing electrical power from one form to another. It is the process of controlling the current flow and voltage to converting it to a form which is suitable for users. A system that converts electrical energy to an electric load via a control circuit is called a Power Electronic System.

Without any doubt, we can say that electric energy is one of the most important parts of our lives. We can see that, even though all the appliances in our house work on a common power source, the AC mains, they all have different power demands. In order to meet these demands, various circuits are using to change power to the desired form.

For example, the implementation of Power electronics can also be seen in your kitchen. The induction cooker used to cook food is a classic example. Here the heat is controlling through a power control circuit. This regulates the current which is responsible for the heating.

A power electronics engineer needs to study about different advanced power semiconductor devices, their characteristics, structures, and applications. There is a very high demand for power electronics engineer.It is because of their capability of doing different circuit analysis. Such as Stress analysis and Sensitive analysis.

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Power electronics systems are using in a wide variety of applications. They have the ability to impact any area of ​​global industrial and social activity. From mobile phones to pacemakers, and utilities to automobiles, power electronics and the engineering behind those electronics influence people in their daily lives.

Electrical energy is one of the most using forms of energy. The control and conversion of electric power is one of the most growing fields of electrical engineering.

Power electronics is a mix of power circuits combine with the low signal electronic circuits to meet these ever-increasing electric power demands.

From a simple regulator at your home to the large circuits at various industries, we can find the application of power electronics in most of the fields.

With the current trend of renewable energy gaining more attention, without any doubt we can say that power electronic is not only the present but also the future of electrical engineering around the world.

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