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National Level Free Workshop Series

National Level Free Workshop Series

It’s with great pleasure and pride, that Pantech eLearning in association with renowned educational partners conducted a National Level Free Online Workshop Series. The workshops are organized to expand the abilities of the learner concerning practices of new innovations in area of education.

The Partners associated with Pantech are:

Andra Pradesh State Skill Development Coroporation


NITk STEP – Surathkal


IEEE – Student Branch


IETE – Mumbai


IIPM – Kansbahal

This workshop session provides the participants an insight into the latest industrial standards and applications on the desired domain such as:

E Certificate of Participation on behalf of PANTECH and the associative partners were provided to the participants.

How Pantech’s National Level Free Online Workshop Series helped students?

Many of the young graduates lack the self-confidence and fluency while communicating verbally. Coming both from rural or sub-urban background, many students maintain top academic record and industrial competencies however lack behind while expressing themselves. This small yet most important downside frequently hinders the achievements of students while campus placements. Pantech’s National Level Free Online Workshop Series helped students to spoke about a researched subject matter in front of people and boosts the self-confidence of the students. This helps them to prepare for interviews and group discussions.

The workshop also provided them a chance to have interaction with professionals from the specific field. Discussing approximately the applicable subjects of the specific concern, students generally tend to find out about the modern records and new skills associated with the involved difficulty. As a result of genuine interest shown by using the scholars to recognise and find out about the difficulty, they research approximately the precise topic with the help of professional guidance and land in their conclusion after a careful research, experiment, and simulation.

In Pantech’s National Level Free Online Workshop Series the students and faculties from distinctive educational institution joined to take part. Meeting new people helped the students in getting steering and answers associated with common issues. Making new pals cannot simplest encourage new methods of wondering and mastering however would possibly open up new opportunities as well. Even after the completion of seminar or workshop applications, these chains of networking help the students in escalation of their professional life.

Speaking and learning about a fresh topic will help the students to explore new sectors relevant to the topic. Students will sense encouraged to investigate and study new matters. With proper guidance from teachers and experts, students attended Pantech’s National Level Free Online Workshop Series feel inspired to post their own research journals, contributing extensively to the education sector. Far from the textbooks and educational syllabuses, students studies and study on their own which enhance their self-confidence, overall performance, and productiveness.

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Robotics Vision

Artificial Intelligence

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