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MATLAB Simulink


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MATLAB Simulink

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Course Duration

45 Hrs

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Course Benefits

4+ Core Concepts

concepts are essential for understanding and analyzing the subject matter in depth.

Hands-on Projects

Tasks that involve practical, experiential learning by real-world scenarios.

Interactive Sessions

Participant share their perspectives, ask questions, and learn experiences.

Community Support

Assistance, resources, and services provided by groups within a community

Downloadable Contents

These contents can be accessed offline and provide users with various forms of information


A Digital recognition of an individual's accomplishment for completion course.

Industry standard

Technical standard specifications that define the best practices

Job opportunities

Openings that individuals can pursue to secure paid work or career advancement.


Become a Successful MATLAB Simulink Master ?


Block Designs

Converter and Inverter Design

Battery charger design

Speed Control of Motors

Simulink Projects

Learning Path

Matlab Basics

Essential Matlab concepts for Simulink, mathematical operations, inputs and outputs, sensors and actuators

Blocks Creation

Blocks for inputs and outputs, sensors and actuators

Convertrer / Inverter Designs

Techniques and Data analysis with Image Processing

Battery charger design

Designing a circuit or system that efficiently charges batteries.

Speed control of motors

Speed control and fault diagnosis of different types of motors using Simulink

Project Based Learning
Hands on Learning 80%
Industry Relevant Skills
Live Projects 100%

Industry Based Learning Process

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum (45 Hrs)​

  • Matlab Simulink Introduction
  • Simscape Introduction
  • Design the Single/Three Phase Rectifier using MATLAB
  • Single/Three Phase AC Voltage Controller using MATLAB
  • DC-DC Converter using MATLAB
  • Buck converter design
  • Inverter Design using MATLAB
  • Grid Tie Inverter Design using MATLAB
  • Matrix Converter using MATLAB
  • Multi-Level Inverter Design using MATLAB 
  • Active Power Filter Design using MATLAB
  • Battery Charger design using MATLAB Simulink
  • Speed Control of DC Motor Using Chopper
  • Speed Control of Induction Motor Using VSI Fed Inverter
  • Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using Chopper using Simulink
  • Speed Control of PMSM Motor Using Chopper using Simulink
  • Three Phase Induction Motor Fault Diagnosis using Simulink

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Nivethida A

Its a very effective platform for the beginners, who wants to implent their real time proposals into models. Learnt a lot along with hands on training, which made the session both intresting and interactive 🔥🔥🔥

Pooja Devadiga​

Really enjoyed a lot and learnt many new things. It was an amazing experience to learn more about AI Image Processing concept. Once again, I thank you for sharing informative knowledge with us. 🔥✌👌​

Ajay Yadav

Excellent education, learning and industry oriented knowledge is shared by Pantech eLearning. Resource speakers are giving their best every day during the whole program/Internship. They deserve a lots of appreciation. A very big thanks to all the Pantech eLearning Team. 🔥🙏

Hemanth Korada

It's really helpful .. Nice interaction session of Datascience program for my carrier build and growth.. Thank you pantech for making me a part of this journey and its really awesome sessions everyday with different topics... 🙏🙏​

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Frequently Asked Questions

MATLAB Simulink Masterclass are educational programs that teach individuals about the concepts, techniques, and applications of Matlab. Gain the skills and experience needed to succeed as a MATLAB Simulink Developer through this Internship Program. Learn via dedicated mentors and sessions to simulate basic to complex Electrical Designs in MATLAB Simulink

Anyone interested in MATLAB Simulink can take these courses, including students, professionals, and hobbyists. Some systems may require previous programming or Power Electronics knowledge, while others may be designed for beginners.

By taking a MATLAB Simulink Masterclass, you can learn how to develop MATLAB  applications, implement algorithms, and design intelligent systems. You can also learn about the ethical and societal implications of MATLAB Simulink, as well as how to integrate Power Electronics into various industries and fields.

The prerequisites for taking MATLAB Simulink Masterclass may vary depending on the course and the level of difficulty.

The curriculum of this program is designed to provide technical knowledge from scratch. Hence No prior knowledge or coding experience is required. Participants are provided with KT from the basics

he length of time it takes to complete anMATLAB Simulink Masterclass depends on the course’s level of difficulty and the amount of time you can dedicate to the course. Some courses may take a few weeks to complete, while others may take several months.

The cost of taking the MATLAB Simulink Masterclass varies depending on the course and the platform. Some courses are free, while others may cost several hundred or thousand dollars. Some platforms offer financial aid and scholarships to eligible students.

Yes, many courses offer certificates of completion that you can use to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers or for personal satisfaction. Some courses may also offer industry-recognized certifications.

es, many employers recognize the value of MATLAB Simulink Masterclass and consider them a valuable addition to a candidate’s resume. Completing a MATLAB Simulink Masterclass can demonstrate your commitment to learning and developing new skills, which can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

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