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Machine learning MasterClass - Internship

ML Masterclass is designed to provide deep technical insights to participants in the field of Machine Learning. Learn to understand and solve complex ML Problems and deploy ML Algorithms for real world scenarios. 

Intern Fees : Rs.999/-

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Batch Starts: 30 May 2022

Limited Seats

Program Duration : 30 Days


Learning Format

LIVE / Recorded Session

Internship Overview

If you’re excited about data, automation, and algorithms, machine learning is the right career move for you. Days will be filled with moving large amounts of raw data, implementing algorithms to process that data, and then automating the process for optimization.

Recent times, Machine Learning is the most sought-after technology of the year. The next decade 2021-2030 is going to see a steep increase in the development of machine learning applications as most of the companies have invested lot into ML Algorithmic Integration to their innovations cum products. Undoubtedly, Machine Learning is one of the most sought-after technology.

In case you are planning to go for a career in Machine Learning or intend to develop applications in Machine Learning, there are some pre requisites that you need to know before diving deep into the world of Machine Learning. Take the first step towards the same.

  • Get trained via industry experts
  • Full of hands-on practical exposure for better understanding
  • Adding super solid value in your professional career
  • Weekend Doubt clearing sessions.
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Develop & Refine your Employability Skills with Internships

Join as Interns, Learn and practice with LIVE projects and enhance your employability skills to be Industry Ready. Technical Internships with Assisted Learning & Core Application Practices

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Key Features

  • 30+ Hours of Learning
  • University Recognised APSSDC Certification
  • Curriculum Designed by Academicians & Industry personels
  • Learn while you Do! Learn by Practising!
  • 10+ Development Projects
  • Mentor Assisted Learning
  • Access to Records & Video Contents
  • Presentation and the Codes – Downloadable
  • Options to Learn at your own pace
  • Community Forums – Doubts Clarification & Knowledge Sharing
About Us
Why ML

Why Machine Learning is Important

With Companies and Business models focussing more on Data and predictions, Machine Learning concepts are chartbusters for the technological trends for more than 8+ years from now. Machine learning has applications in all types of industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare and life sciences, travel and hospitality, financial services, and energy, feedstock, and utilities. With a background in machine learning, you can better your chances to a high-paying job as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, NLP Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, or a Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer.

Learning Path

Learning path of any learning concept is rather very important, as it is the way through which the learning process is enabled. This Machine Learning  Master class is designed to make the participant learn from the scratch and master the concepts with ease.

  • Python Overview and Packages
  • Supervised Learning with Live Projects – Classification & Regression Techniques
  • Unsupervised Learning – Clustering Techniques 
  • Reinforcement Learning – With Realtime Projects
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning Algorithms

What You Will Learn!

Python Overview and Packages

Day -1 : Introduction to ML And AI

Day -2: Python code in Google Colab, Jupyter Note book

Supervised Learning – Classification and Regression Techniques

Day -3: Liver disease Prediction using Logistic Regression

Day -4: Crime Analysis using KNN Algorithm

Day -5: Classifying muffins and cupcakes using SVM Algorithm

Day -6: Fake News Detection using Naïve Baye’s Algorithm

Day -7: Android Malware Detection using Decision Tree Algorithm

Day -8: Credit Card Fraud detection using Random Forest Algorithm

Day -9: Evaluating the classification model – Confusion Matrix , Calculating the accuracy score.

Day -10: Classification model selection For Breast Cancer Classification

Day -11: Employee Salary Prediction using Linear Regression Single Variable

Day -12: Advertisement and Sales Prediction using Multiple Linear Regression

Day -13: Generating Data points based on some equation Polynomial Regression

Day -14: Student marks prediction using Support Vector Regression

Day -15: Ice Cream shop revenue prediction from temperature Decision Tree Regression

Day -16: Agriculture Price Prediction using Random Forest Algorithm

Day -17: Evaluating the performance of my regression model – Root mean square error and R2 score

Day -18: Regression Model selection for sales forecasting

Unsupervised Learning – Clustering

Day -19: Crime Pattern Analysis with K Means Clustering

Day -20: Customer Spending Analysis with Hierarchical Clustering

Day -21: Flower Species Data Visualization

Day -22: Image Compression Using SVD Algorithm

Reinforcement Learning

Day -23: Market Basket Analysis using APRIARI

Day -24: Market Basket Optimization / Analysis using ECLAT

Day -25: Web Ads click through rate optimization using Upper Bound Confidence

Natural Language Processing

Day -26: Hate Speech Detection using NLTK

Day -27: Loan Prediction Problem using XGBoost

Deep Learning Algorithms

Day -28: Movie Review Classification using RNN

Day -29: Digits Classification using CNN Algorithm

Day -30: AI – Cart Pole using Reinforcement Learning

Tools Covered

Internship Take Ways – Assignments, Projects, Certifications

Internship Certificate
  • Enhanced Knowledge Transfer
  • Guided / Mentored Assignments
  • Recognized Internship Certifications
  • Resume Building Recommendations
  • Professional Networking
  • Downloads – PPTs & Project Files
  • 2 Months Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Certificate Downloads on Immediate
  • What is ML?

    Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that can improve automatically through experience and by the use of data

  • What are the application of ML?

    Product Recommendation, Self Driving Cars, Virtual Personal Assistant, Stock Market Trading, Medical Diagnosis, Speech Recognition, Traffic Prediction and many more..

  • Software Tools used in IoT?

    Python, Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Keras,

  • How we can Access the Recorded Sessions?

    Day Wise Lessons will be uploaded and you can access from the LMS - with your registered account.

  • Venue and Duration of the Internship?

    Internship is on Online Mode. Recorded sessions with illustrative combination of theory and practice will enhance the user learning experience.

  • Certificate for the Internship?

    Yes, Its a Certified Internship and Certified by Pantech eLearning and APSSDC. Certificate can download from your account - once you complete the Internship.