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List Of Best Python Projects for beginners with Pantech E-Learning

 Python Projects for beginners

Pantech E-Learning helps to give an overview of the best python projects for beginners example. Python has one of the most popular languages. Pantech help working on such projects and will get some hands-on experience. Moreover, such projects will help improve the knowledge. we are here to know a List Of Best Python Projects with source code for beginners and with Pantech E-Learning

In a practical approach while working in a real-time work environment on projects for students to get hands-on experience on Python. To acquaint me with new tools and technologies while working on a python design. let’s discuss python projects for beginners step-by-step 

List Of Python Project For Beginners 

 Leaf Disease Detection using CNN with OpenCV

Leaf Disease Detection OpenCV and Python

The leaf disease detection using CNN with open CV techniques for automated vision system used at agricultural field. It is essential in monitoring large fields of crops, and thus automatically detects symptoms of the disease as soon as it appears on plant leaves.

Logo Detection using Deep Learning OpenCV & Python

Logo Detection using Deep Learning

Deep learning became a major tool for Ad Tech. A Logo detection using deep learning open CV system is used to identify the targets from brands, products, and logos on publicly posted images. The easiest way to identify a brand from images is by its logo.

Food Calories Detection using Deep Learning OpenCV & Python

Food Calories Detection using Deep Learning

A food calorie detection using a deep learning algorithm was used to analyze static food images. By analyzing the composition of the food, the algorithm can calculate how many calories the dish has. It provides a more efficient way of estimating calories.

Employee Attrition using Machine Learning

PAN ML 005 2


A Predicting Employee Attrition using a Machine Learning model is the output generated when training a machine learning algorithm with data. After training, when it provides a model with input will be given an output. It can be used in real-time to learn from data. The improvements in accuracy are a result of the training process and automation that are part of machine learning.

Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning 

Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning AI Python 9

This Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning of data set consists of information of user i.e.; age, type of symptoms related to diabetes. Data is classified and shown in the form of different graphs. The easy data analysis will show results of medical information of changes of getting diabetes on universal plots.

KDD & Data Mining Approach for Finding Network Attacks

KDD DataMining Approch for Finding Network Attacks 3

With emerge of KDD and the data mining approach for finding network attacks, i.e.; traditional techniques become more complex to deal with big data. Therefore, it intends to use Big Data techniques to produce high-speed and accurate intrusion detection systems. The results of the experiment show that model has high performance and efficiency for Big Data.

Student Performance Prediction – Machine Learning

Student Performance analysis 8

Student Performance Prediction using Machine Learning outcome i.e.; based on learning is a system that will strive for excellence at different levels and diverse dimensions in the field of students’ interests. It analyzes the student’s demographic data, and study-related and psychological characteristics to extract all possible knowledge

Hashtag Clustering using NLP & Machine Learning

Hashtag Clustering using NLP Machine Learning

Use of Clustering in Machine Learning is the task of mapping text to its accompanying hashtags. In this process, a model for hashtag prediction show this task is a useful surrogate for learning good representations of text. This hashtag i.e.; based detailed query shows the result as to whether it will be positive or negative and random forest algorithm.

Hotel review rating classification using NLP

Hotel review rating classification using NLP

The technique allows machines to read and understand human emotions and extract useful insights for many businesses to grow and develop in the field. Hotel review rating classification collected from the guests can be classified into three subclasses i.e., positive, negative, or neutral and therefore it can analyze the sentiment of the customer.

Arabic Natural Language Processing

Arabic Natural Language Processing

This oversight by developing tools and techniques that deliver state-of-the-art performance in a variety of Arabic natural language processing tasks. Machine translation is the most active area of research but also worked on statistical parsing and part-of-speech tagging.

Text Summarization using NLP & Machine Learning

Text Summarization using NLP I Machine Learning

The text summarization uses the NLP method of extracting these summaries from the original huge text without losing vital information. It is to identify the important sections, interpret the context and reproduce them in a new way. This ensures that the core information is conveyed through the shortest text possible.

Real-time Face Detection using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV 

Face detection3

Real-time face detection using raspberry pi and OpenCV is a type of biometric software application that can identify a specific individual in a digital image by analyzing and comparing patterns. It is used for security purposes in a variety of other applications. The features are useful to distinguish the maximum number of samples accurately and it is matched with stored image samples for person verification.

For more Basic Python Project For Beginners 

Python Project For Beginners With Source Code 

  • Detecting fake news 
  • Breast Cancer Classification

simple python projects with source code

  • Speech Emotion Recognition 
  • Gender & Age Detection 

Python Project For Beginners Github

  • Google image Download 
  • Pandas Project 

Python Projects For Beginners With Code 

  • Color Detection Detection Project 
  • Tic Tac Toe Project 

simple python projects with source code GitHub

  • TensorFlow Project 
  • Map Models Importer

simple python projects using Tkinter

  • WhatsApp BOT App Project 
  • Snake Game Project 

Python Project For Beginners With Database

  • Detecting Frauds Of Credit Cards Via Python 
  • Movie Recommendation Platform With R Packages 

Hereby Python is a very easy to learn language because of its easy syntax. Here we discussed Simple Python Projects for Beginners. I hope find this article helpful for List Of Best Python Projects for beginners with Pantech E-Learning

I hope you liked this article on Best Python Projects for Beginners. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below. You can also follow me at Pantech to learn every topic of Python Projects.


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