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IoT Projects

IoT has been all the rage over the past couple of years. The use of sensors and wireless connectivity is predicted to be 50Billion by 2025. The increase brings in turn, easily available technology for hobbyists to explore. Connecting everything to everything seems like a good idea.
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Advanced industries, smart vehicles, smarter cities, smart home and more have already under the influence of the IoT touch. IoT Application Areas are everywhere. Smart Buildings, Smart Waste Management, Smart Navigation, IoT Based Agri drones, Maintenance Dock Systems, Fleet Management, Medical Applications. Applications of IoT can be numerous. It’s here where we try to implement and prototype some of the best Application Ideas into IoT Projects and Final Year Projects on IoT. Some best implementations are listed herewith.

Why Pantech ?

  •       Dedicated R & D Team for Research
  •    300+ MOU’s with Premiere Institutions
  •     Extensive Technology Outreach
  •    450+ DIY & Project Kits
  •    Pioneer in Paper Publications
  •    Professional Approach
  •    Procedural Documentations

    Project Design Methodology

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    IoT is being utilized in industries such as oil and gas, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and retail for improving operational efficiency. 

    We understand better that implementing IoT projects online is just not a mere task. Get accustomed to Pantech E Learning Online Project Platform and complete your project on the go!  Complete documentations, Coding and Live Classes ensure that your project is completed with the best technological transfer and expert interactions. Watch your ideas get transformed to real projects !

    • Expert Trainers
    • Live Demo Sessions
    • Remote Learning
    • Self Development

    Project Takeaways (What you'll receive)

    Supports are the essence root of Pantech Project Division. Our Systematic approach ensures that all the participants are assisted through a Architectural & Conceptual pathway to ensure 100% satisfaction

    • Abstract & Base Paper

    • Project Code / Simulation Design

    • Live Expert Training (4 Hrs) – Google Meet / Zoom 

    • Project Presentation

    • Literature Survey

    • Schematic / UML Diagram

    • Software & Package Downloads

    • Report Materials

    • Project Demo Video

    • Project Completion Certificate

    Platforms We Support !

    Iot Based Bus Tracking System

    IoT | Raspberry Pi

    Blind People Navigation System

    IoT | Node MCU

    Digital Door Lock With Mail Alert

    Internet of Things | OpenCV

    Health Monitoring System using Arduino

    IOT | Arduino
    • What are all the Domains that you offer projects? ?

      AI Projects - Android Projects - Antenna Projects - Arduino Projects - Augmented Reality Projects - Big Data & Data Science Projects - Block Chain Projects - Brain Computer Projects - Cloud Computing Projects -Communication Projects - Data Mining Projects - Deep Learning Projects - Electric Vehicle Design Projects - Embedded Projects - FPGA Projects - Gesture / Motion Control Projects - Image Processing Projects - IoT Projects - Java Projects - Machine Learning Projects - MATLAB Projects - Network Security Projects - Node MCU Projects - NS2 Projects - Open CV Projects - Power Electronics Projects - Power Systems Projects - Python Projects - Raspberry Pi Projects - Renewable Energy Projects - Robotics Projects - Virtual Reality Projects - VLSI /FPGA Projects - VLSI Projects

    • What are the Supports you provide for projects online?

      Supports are the essence root of Pantech Project Division. Our Systematic approach ensures that all the participants are assisted through a Architectural & Conceptual pathway to ensure 100% satisfaction- Abstract & Base Paper - Project Code / Simulation Design- Live Expert Training (4 Hrs) – Google Meet / Zoom - Project Presentation - Literature Survey-Schematic / UML Diagram-Software & Package Downloads -Report Materials - Project Demo Video-Project Completion Certificate

    • What is the project cost?

      Cost of the project is mentioned in the project itself. For specific Ask for Price Projects , you can send mail to requesting for price

    • What about the softwares required for the project ? Will you provide?

      We provide softwares for the project. Installation will be guided through our project mentors.

    • Can I contact you once again for any modification on the project ?

      You can feel free to write to us at or contact 8925533488 / 89 for more details

    • How will I get the hardware of my project ?

      Hardware of the projects will be delivered to your shipping address. You will be notified on the status of the same

    • How much duration will the Live Classes ?

      Each project is liable to have 4 Live Sessions with the Project mentor .. 45 Mins each ..

    • How will I get the project materials & codings?

      Project Documents & the codings will be sent to your registered mail ids

    • How is the Payment to be made?

      Payment has to be made 100% in advance.

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