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Top 10 IoT Projects for Final Year

Top 10 IoT Projects for Final Year


Top 10 IOT Projects for Final Year Students

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects—”things”—embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for connecting and sharing data with other devices and systems over the internet. In this article, we will be showing the top IoT projects for the final year with all in-depth details of each and every project listed in this article.

What are IoT Projects?

IoT Technology ushers us into a world where we can use the Internet to connect, communicate, and command any device. It is a massive network that connects objects and people. With this simple and powerful technology, we can create a plethora of fascinating projects to manage electronic equipment at home or in the workplace.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing network of linked objects that are transforming industry on a scale equivalent to the Industrial Revolution. This industrial shift allows engineers to create better goods by combining electrical and mechanical features into designs and harnessing big data.

List Of IoT Projects for Final Year Students

IoT based Smart Shopping Cart using RFID and Raspberry Pi

RFID and Raspberry Pi sensors, a Node Mcu microcontroller, and a mobile application are used in the IoT-based Smart Shopping Cart using RFID and Raspberry Pi . RFID tags are connected to each product, and a reader effectively scans the product information. The consumer may effortlessly manage his or her shopping list in the Mobile application based on his or her preferences. 

Smart Grid Transmission Line Monitoring System

The smart grid transmission line monitoring system adds intelligence to the electric grid by incorporating smart devices such as wireless sensor networks that give real-time data fast. It is described as electric power grid infrastructure that increases the grid’s efficiency, reliability, and safety by incorporating renewable and alternative energy sources, i.e., via automated control and communication technology.

Data Security System using AES Algorithm

This is IOT Project for final year computer engineering students,  It provides a data security solution that uses the AES algorithm to secure data saved in cloud storage while it is being transported. It is concerned with data security. Data Security System using ASE Algorithm the Data security entails preventing data from being lost, destroyed, damaged, changed, or revealed.

Data Security System using AES Algorithm

When it comes to projects, there is a lot of uncertainty among students. Everyone is aware of IoT project concepts, source code, and functionalities these days. This category has an IoT project list as well as an IoT project with source code that final year students may download.

Because of their rapid growth, IoT projects are a viable alternative. Despite the fact that there are several IoT projects available on the internet, they are either excessively difficult or out of date. Parthenium Projects has extensive experience in the development of IoT apps and software with Data Security System Using AES Algorithm

Baby Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi with OpenCV

It develops an alternative infant  Baby monitoring system using the Raspberry Pi and open CV. This strategy is beneficial for a certain application since it provides ideas on how to tackle the problem in many ways. The sensor is used to detect, i.e., the baby’s movement, and the Pi camera is used to capture the baby’s movement.

Blind People Navigation System Using Node MCU

It is effective and efficient for users to navigate, i.e., through the use of exact spoken instructions. Overall, the designed system will help visually impaired persons and their guardians feel much safer and more secure in their  Blind navigation system using node MCU.

Automatic Road Quality Logger Using MQTT and Node MCU

It is intended for use as an automated road quality recorder with  Automatic Road Quality Logger using  MQTT node MCU. This system may be implanted in any car on the road and employ several types of smart sensors to identify anomalies on the road, such as an accelerometer sensor for detecting bumps by calculating the vehicle’s linear acceleration. The GPS module integrated in the system detects and records the location of the vehicle.

Smart Helmet Using Node MCU

It is intended to verify that the cyclist is correctly wearing the smart helmet using Node MCU while the entire voyage is recorded on the server. The device monitors the condition of the helmet, as well as the vehicle’s speed, accident status, and position, during the vehicle’s ignition start.

IoT projects for final year Automation engineering

Some examples of creative Internet of Things (IoT)-based Automation Engineering Final Year Projects include: IoT-enabled automatic street lighting system (See more information) PIR-based smart building project (view details) The Internet of Things is being used to power an automatic smart parking system IoT project 

Health Monitoring System Using Arduino

The system is intended for use in hospitals to measure and monitor a variety of characteristics such as temperature, ECG, heart rate, and blood pressure. The findings may be documented using a health monitoring  System Using an Arduino device. It is beneficial for monitoring everyone’s health system by simply attaching the gadget and recording it.  

Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control using Raspberry pi

It is suggested to create an embedded-based remote automated urban drinking water supply control system utilizing automated urban drinking water supply control using raspberry pi and a theft prevention system that records flow rates at the consumer end. The entire system consists of one or more central PC main stations that interact with additional junctions built inside the pumping stations.

IoT Projects For Final Year electrical engineering

Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle with Voice Control Design of Transmission Line Conductor De-icing Process Using An Online Monitoring System Students,  power electrical projects may be made utilizing a variety of electrical and electronic components. We have final year projects for EEE that are suited for electrical students IoT Project

RFID and GPS-based bus transit using Raspberry Pi

The system continues to successfully assist the public in making full use of bus transit amenities. The real-time bus monitoring system employs  RFID and GPS-based bus transit using raspberry pi to gather data and display it using software, allowing a user to watch buses on a specific route.

IoT based Smart Parking System – Node MCU

It uses the internet to check the availability of parking spaces. This system can totally automate an IoT-based smart parking system – Node MCU. It manages the whole process and feeds parking availability and time information to this platform, allowing it to be watched from anywhere in the globe.

Smart Band for Monitoring Health Service –Node MCU

A system that proposes a smart band for monitoring health services utilizing smart band for monitoring health service using node MCU system that employs sensors, i.e., to track patient health and notify the appropriate doctor in the event of an emergency. The system was designed for patients who need to be checked on a regular basis. It monitors the patient’s health using both temperature and heartbeat.

IoT Projects For Final Year electronic engineering

Skyfi Labs has created Online Project-Based Courses to help you design your projects the best way possible. Our Learn-Do-Review Methodology guarantees that you learn while you construct your mini or Iot projects for final year. The necessary kits will be delivered to you within 24 hours, and you will have immediate access to the course content. ECE students may create incredibly fantastic Power Electronics  Projects using the kits and course information!

Wet and Dry Waste Segregation Using Node MCU

The system provides advance notice of bin filling and informs the municipality so that the bin may be cleaned on time and the environment is protected. Using wet and dry waste segregation using node MCU independently, this system ensures moist and dry waste segregation. It contributes to the reduction of rubbish bin overflow in cities, hence keeping the environment clean.

Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino

It ensures that the automatic ambulance rescue system using Arduino reaches the hospitals on time. The goal of installing controls the traffic lights in the ambulance’s path mechanically. It is managed by the central unit and also adjusts the traffic lights based on the ambulance’s location, assisting in the safe arrival at the hospital.

IoT projects for Final Year ECE Student

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, automobiles, household appliances, and other electronic-enabled goods. Because IoT projects for final year have a wide range of applications in companies, completing Final Year Projects in IoT Technology for ECE Students is the ideal option.

Baggage tracking and handling by RFID and IoT in airport using a node mcu

We have presented a concept of baggage tracing and handling by RFID and IoT using node MCU in order to provide a better and more secure system to travelers. The solution supplied assures minimal time consumption, luggage security, and is cost-effective, resulting in customer satisfaction.

Energy meter Using Arduino

The integration of the energy meter using Arduino gives the meter reading system some predefined automated capabilities. It gives data that may be used to optimize and minimize power use.

Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman

The purpose of this system is to track the location of the boat and notify the location via messages. It protects fishermen from risky scenarios and crosses the maritime border, saving their lives while also improving the raspberry pi based autonomous boat for fishermen.

Flood Intimation Over SMTP Protocol using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is linked to the Internet in order to send a message through flood notification using SMTP protocol and to retrieve data from the weather cloud. The Raspberry Pi is attached to a USB camera, which is used to capture an image of the scene when the flood intimation over SMTP protocol using raspberry pi.

Wireless Black Box Using Raspberry Pi

It creates a  wireless black-box using raspberry pi, which incorporates technologies to identify and transmit critical accident information gathered from various sensors, such as the accident kind. This system is built on the Raspberry Pi to give both low cost and great system performance

Sleep Apnea Monitoring Using Node Mcu

It is regarded as a tool for the recording and analysis of muscle activity, which is then sent to a remote service using IoT concepts, where things peak been used where it aids in the telemetry of the obtained signals using the cloud and sensor input is given to sleep APNEA monitoring using node MCU..

IOT Projects For Final Year Engineering Student

This is a comprehensive collection of IoT projects for final year available on our website. Some of the projects on our website are based on others that are built with an ethernet shield. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our world. Everything from how we drive to how we shop to how we receive electricity to our houses is changing.

Sensors and chips are embedded in the actual objects around us. Smartphones, smartwatches, auto navigation, and tracking systems are examples. Each of them is sending data to a server. These data are collected and saved for further use. The following is a list of IoT-based projects for final-year engineering students. All of these IoT-based projects may be seen on our website.

Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System Using Node MCU

It is in charge of monitoring the soldier’s parameters such as temperature, breathing rate, and heart rate. Node MCUs are utilized in the design of the soldier location tracking and health monitoring system. Node MCUs are used for monitoring physiological information.

Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using WSN network Protocol

Greenhouse monitoring and controlling using WSN network by deploying moisture sensors in the land to detect areas where the water content is low, as well as various other environmental monitoring metrics. It conserves water and reduces the problem of land waterlogging.

Baby Monitoring System Using IoT and Arduino

It is an innovative, smart, and baby monitoring system using IoT and Arduino to efficiently nurture a newborn monitoring system. This technique takes into account all of the little aspects essential for the care and safety of the baby in the cradle.

Health Care Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi

The health care system may be monitored with the use of new technologies for health care monitoring using Raspberry Pi. Multiple users share an area network with this form of technology, which aids in monitoring. It is accomplished via Wi-Fi, which gives flexibility and extensibility.

Baby Monitoring System Using Node MCU

To assess the infant’s condition, the parameters automatically measure the infant’s weight and temperature. It is controlled by a   baby monitoring system using node MCU, allowing paramedics to monitor the infant’s condition via an internet network that can be accessed by web or Android.

IoT Enabled Smart Energy Meter Detection Using Raspberry Pi

This method helps to conserve energy from increased demand and is constantly checked.  IoT enabled smart energy meter detection using raspberry pi, the power supply to the load will be cut off. Again, the raspberry pi will check the load power on a regular basis.

Raspberry Pi-based Home Surveillance System Using SMTP

To decrease the amount of manpower required for security, a raspberry pi based home surveillance system using SMTP has been created, with the Raspberry Pi serving as the CPU. It functions as a computer vision system, taking an image of the individual automatically. If the individual is not permitted, it will send SMS and images via MAIL via the SMTP.

IoT projects for final year CSE student

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, automobiles, household appliances, and other electronic-enabled goods. Because IoT projects have a wide range of applications in companies, completing Final Year Projects in IoT Technology for ECE Students is the ideal option

IoT based Smart Umbrella system using Raspberry Pi

A well-designed umbrella IoT-based smart umbrella system using Raspberry Pi and Wi-Fi connectivity. It may notify about the weather by providing an auditory output of the current circumstances. It is being integrated using smart sensors such as humidity sensors, temperature sensors, and light sensors that will operate as wireless sensors.

Water Quality Management System Based on IoT Using Node MCU

The system uses of water quality management system based on IoT using Node MCU and a regulated water delivery operation. Using IoT technologies, it calculates and analyses the sensor value in relation to water purity and sends an alarm email to the authorized person.

IoT Management System for Smart Cities Using Raspberry Pi

IoT management system for smart city using raspberry pi vision provides exciting and cost-effective technologies for huge data collecting and analysis that can be employed in a variety of sectors to improve efficiency. It improves the logistical process of garbage collecting. The approach generates a list of more efficient paths. As a result, it generates a series of simulations centered on the stated area.

lot surveillance drone using Raspberry Pi and Deep learning

IoT surveillance drones using raspberry pi and deep learning with pre-trained models can safeguard a location even when no humans are present. It continually monitors the area and detects any undesirable presence, then sends an alarm message to the appropriate device. As a result, it aids in detecting undesirable presence with more precision than prior existing systems.

A Lightweight Payment Verification and Transaction using Raspberry Pi

It safeguards the verification process by evaluating transactions in a secure execution environment and rendering a lightweight payment verification and transaction using raspberry pi unreadable via encryption. The experiment’s results reveal that it has minimal effect on the system.

Face Mask Detection and  Face Recognition Using Raspberry Pi

Face recognition using raspberry piis a potential application of computer vision. This technology is used to automatically detect a person’s face or identify a person from photos. The invention of face mask detection, which identifies if a person is wearing a face mask and allows access, would be extremely beneficial to society.

IoT based Electrical Devices Surveillance Using Raspberry Pi

IoT based electrical device surveillance using raspberry piis a system of associated sensors, processors, and digital devices scattered around the globe over the internet that may communicate to exchange and transmit information using a unique id provided to each item. It offers dependable service.

IoT Projects For Final Year

Essentially, it simplifies the usage of Git for version management and collaboration by people and teams. The GitHub interface is simple enough that even inexperienced developers can use it. Without GitHub, utilizing Git often necessitates a bit more technical know-how and command-line proficiency.

Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control and Water Theft Using Node MCU

It is suggested to create an embedded-based automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft using a node MCU  system that records flow rates at the user end. Monitoring water resources for these businesses can successfully avoid the possibility of stealing and leaking water.

Industrial Monitoring and Control Using Raspberry Pi

To create a multi-parameter monitoring system with a microcontroller that measures and controls various global parameters, as well as a wireless mode of communication. The system consists of a single master and numerous slaves communicating wirelessly, as well as an operating system. industrial monitoring and control using raspberry pi 

Audio transmission  using Li-Fi using Raspberry Pi

Everything that requires a connection to the internet has been created technologically. It is known as a cutting-edge and promising technique for achieving short-range, high-speed, and large-capacity wireless audio transmission using Li-Fi using raspberry pi.

Children’s Health and Safety System Using Raspberry Pi

Several tools and techniques are used to keep the child’s surroundings safe. The system is proposed for the safety of youngsters. It creates an IoT-based children health and safety system using raspberry pi as the authenticating device.


The Internet of Things has the potential to greatly expand information availability and is expected to alter businesses and organization’s in practically every industry throughout the world. As a result, regardless of sector specialization, finding methods to utilize the potential of the IoT is likely to play into the strategic objectives of most technology organization’s.

The quantity of various technologies necessary to enable IoT adoption and growth places a premium on interoperability, leading to broad attempts to define standards and technical specifications that facilitate smooth communication between IoT devices and components. Collaboration across multiple standards development organization’s, as well as consolidation of certain present projects, will result in more clarity for IoT technology businesses in the long run.

UL is committed to the continuous development and wider implementation of IoT-supporting technology. Many contemporary standards development projects are led by UL senior technical specialists, including the OIC, the Thread Group, the NFC Forum, and the Air Fuel Alliance.

UL is also one of only two NFC Forum-authorized testing facilities in North America, and it is the Thread Group’s official testing partner for its recently announced certification scheme. UL has considerable expertise with IoT technology and can undertake testing in North America, the European Union, and Asia.

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