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IoT Master Class - Internship

Build a strong foundation in Internet of Things – the most awaited and one of the emerging technology of the future which has the capability of putting any electronic device on the internet.  Learn to make own custom made applications to solve some simple real world problems.

Intern Fees : Rs.999/-

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Batch Starts: 15 Sep 2021

Limited Seats

Program Duration : 30 Days


Learning Format

Recorded Session

Internship Overview

Learn to interface powerful devices capable of connecting to the internet wirelessly or wired, depending on the complexity of the application.  Practice and develop indegenious custom applications on your own. This course introduces you to the amazing world of IoT and its fascinating applications. Using the Arduino / Raspberry pi Controller, you will develop an electronic device that streams ultrasonic, IR, fire and gas data over the internet.

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Key Features

  • 30+ Hours of Learning
  • University Recognised APSSDC Certification
  • Curriculum Designed by Academicians & Industry personels
  • Learn while you Do! Learn by Practising!
  • 10+ Development Projects
  • Mentor Assisted Learning
  • Access to Records & Video Contents
  • Presentation and the Codes – Downloadable
  • Options to Learn at your own pace
  • Community Forums – Doubts Clarification & Knowledge Sharing
About Us
Why IoT

IoT is not just a technology Initiative anymore

Organizations implementing IoT are increasingly focusing on the bsiness outcomes of the technology. IoT Initiatives are no longer driven by the sole purpose of internal operational improvement. IT and business stakeholders must work together to align IoT Projects with business objectives for improving revenue and customer experience, but they are bound by legacy approaches. Organizations with high levels of IoT maturity achieve higher rates of success in their IoT adoption. With the Organisations moving towards Internet of Things, it is essential to know the how on the IoT Concepts and Implementations to stand out from the rest. The Expert Predictions estimate more than to 21 billion IoT devices by 2025. With the AI getting bigger, intervention of smart cities and Smart Cars. IoT is definitely to be the next roll over.

Learning Path

Learning path of any learning concept is rather very important, as it is the way through which the learning process is enabled. This IoT Master class is designed to make the participant learn from the scratch and master the concepts with ease.

  • Controller Architecture – Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Programming : Embedded C and Python 
  • IoT Protocols: MQTT, SMTP, HTTP, IFTTT.
  • IoT Cloud Infrastructure – ThingSpeak, Microsoft Azure, Bylnk App, Arduino Cloud, Ubidot, AWS.
  • Industry Projects on IoT with Augment Reality, Flask and Google Assistant.

What You Will Learn!

Day -1 : Introduction to IoT & the Protocols

Day -2: Fundamentals of Arduino, Programming & Interfacing

Day -3: Working with Digital sensors – Speed Sensor, DHT11, Contactless Temperature Sensor.

Day -4: Interfacing Analog Sensors using MCP3008 – LDR, Gas, Mems.

Day -5: Data Monitoring using Thing Speak & Arduino

Day -6: Integrating Arduino with AWS Cloud

Day -7:  Real time application using Blynk App

Day -8: Webpage Monitoring using Arduino & HTML

Day -9: Data logging to Microsoft Azure cloud using Arduino

Day -10: Interfacing Arduino with Arduino Cloud

Day -11: Home Automation using MQTT Protocol

Day -12: Automatic mail Alert using SMTP Protocol

Day -13: Recording sensor data to google sheet using IFTTT with Arduino

Day -14: Monitoring sensor data using UBIDOTS with Arduino

Day -15: Home automation using Google Assistant

Day -16: Device Communication using UDP & TCP Protocol

Day -17: Raspberry Pi Overview & Python Programming

Day -18: Working with Digital Sensors – Spo2 & Pressure Sensor

Day -19: Interfacing Analog sensors using MCP3008 – Flame Sensor, Level Sensor & Moisture Sensor.

Day -20: API integration with Thing Speak using Raspberry Pi

Day -21: Data transmission from Raspberry Pi to AWS Cloud

Day -22:  Real time Application using Blynk App

Day -23: Robot Control through Webpage using PHP

Day -24: Logging sensor data to Microsoft Azure

Day -25: Home Automation using MQTT & Mail alert using SMTP

Day -26: Creating webpage using flask with Raspberry Pi

Day -27: Logging Sensor Data to Google sheet using Raspberry Pi

Day -28: Working with Sensor data & UBIDOT with Raspberry Pi

Day -29: Integrating Alexa with Raspberry Pi

Day -30: Working with Augment Reality & IoT using Raspberry Pi

Tools Covered

Internship Take Ways – Assignments, Projects, Certifications

Internship Certificate
  • Enhanced Knowledge Transfer
  • Guided / Mentored Assignments
  • Recognized Internship Certifications
  • Resume Building Recommendations
  • Professional Networking
  • Downloads – PPTs & Project Files
  • 2 Months Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Certificate Downloads on Immediate
  • What is IoT?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the usage of Internet connectivity into physical devices and daily objects. These devices include electronics and other forms of hardware and processors, which enable them to communicate and interact with others over the Internet and can be remotely monitored and controlled.

  • What are the benefits of IoT?

    Internet of Things(IoT) is a boon for organizations, enabling them to monitor and improve business processes, increase productivity and grow revenue. Owing to their numerous real-world applications, they are beneficial to a wide range of industries such as healthcare, automotive and manufacturing. IoT creates new business opportunities and helps companies benefit from the revenue generated by advanced business models and services. IoT-driven innovations can help strengthen business cases and increase operational return on investment (ROI).

  • Software Tools used in IoT?

    Arduino IDE, Python Programming, and Clouds - Thing Speak, Azure, AWS, Blynk.

  • How we can Access the Recorded Sessions?

    Day Wise Lessons will be uploaded and you can access from the LMS - with your registered account.

  • Venue and Duration of the Internship?

    Internship is on Online Mode. Recorded sessions with illustrative combination of theory and practice will enhance the user learning experience.

  • Certificate for the Internship?

    Yes, Its a Certified Internship and Certified by Pantech eLearning and APSSDC. Certificate can download from your account - once you complete the Internship.

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