Gain the skills and experience needed to succeed as a Deep Learning Engineer through this Internship Program, which provides ample opportunities for practical learning and guidance from dedicated mentors

Gain an advantage in the
DL domain by learning and applying up-to-date skills

equip you with the skills necessary to become a successful Machine Learning Engineer through its hands-on approach and one-on-one mentorship

6+ Core DL Concepts

Learn and Practice Python | ML | DL | NLP | CNN & Computer Vision

15+ LIVE Projects

Implement Learned skills to develop LIVE Projects with Codes and Assistance

Program Highlights

Live / Recorded

Gain access to 30+ Records of High Value Content and Instructor Led Weekend LIVE Sessions

Community Supported

Become a Member of a Community of Highly Interactive Members and access to resources and Q & A Sessions

1 / 2 Months

Updated access to Records for 1 / 2 Months
- Learn Anytime , Anywhere

Download PPT & Project Materials

Download Presentations and Project codes to practice while learning and implementation. Lifetime Access

How this Internship Program Works ?

Step 1 Enroll to the Program

✓ Gain Access to 30 Days of Record
✓ Get a Mentor Assigned
✓ Download Presentations & Practice Codes
✓ Learn at your Flexible Time
✓ Apprehend the concepts

Step 2 Attend LIVE Bootcamps

✓ Join the Private Community of Developers
✓ Attend LIVE Q & A Sessions
✓ Interact with the Mentor
✓ Practice the concepts

Step 3 Project Development

✓ Implement Skills Learnt
✓ Develop Projects with assistance
✓ Download Codes for Reference
✓ Implement Real-Time Data
✓ Visualise the Concepts

Step 4 Certification

✓ Get Certified
✓ E Certificate of Internship
✓ Project Completion Certificate
✓ Share on social media
✓ Get Job Notifications

Internship Curriculum

  • Introduction to Deep Learning Concepts
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks ( ANN ) & Application
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)with application
  • Recurrent Neural Network and its Applications
  • Age and Gender Detection with Deep Learning for Real-Time Applications
  • BitCoin Price Prediction
  • Tensor Flow
  • Keras
  • Person Counting System using Deep Learning
  • Vehicle Speed Estimation
  • Face Recognition
  • Automatic Multi-Class Classification of
  • Food Ingredients Using Deep Learning
  • Detection Algorithms in Deep Learning
  • Fire Detection Using Flame Detector in Deep Learning
  • Image-to-Text, Text-to-Speech Conversion
  • Social Distance Detection
  • Handwritten Recognition using Deep Features
  • Head Pose Estimation in the Wild Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Adaptive Gradient Methods
  • Driver Drowsiness and Yawn Detection
  • Drone Detection using OpenCV
  • face Emotion Detection
  • Automatic Leaf Characteristics
  • Detection using Neural Network
  • Face Recognition using OpenCV and
  • Yolo Object Detection using OpenCV
  • Face Clustering using DL
  • Covid -19 chest x-ray images detection using dl
  • Smart Glasses and sign Language
  • Based on Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition using OpenCV

Capstone Projects

Drone Detection using OpenCV
Drone Detection
Leaf Characteristics Detection
Leaf Characteristics Detection
Yolo Object Detection
Yolo Object Detection
Covid -19
Covid -19
Smart Glasses
Smart Glasses
Optical Character Recognition
Optical Character Recognition
Social Distance Detection
Brain Tumor Detection
Image to Text, Text to Speech Conversion
Image to Text Conversion

Tools Covered

Internship Benefits

1 Month Internship

✓ Exclusive Videos with detailed explanation
✓ Assignments & Projects
✓ Flexible Time
✓ New Lectures on the current trend
✓ Participation Certificate
✓ 4 LIVE intractive Mastermind Sessions
✓ 90 Days from the date of payment
✓ 4+ Capstone Projects & Codes
✓ 1 Month Internship Certificate

2 Month internship

✓ Exclusive Videos with detailed explanations
✓ Assignments & Projects
✓ Flexible Time
✓ New Lectures on the current trend
✓ Participation Certificate
✓ 4 LIVE interactive Mastermind Sessions
180 Days from the date of payment
✓ 12+ Capstone Projects & Codes
2 Month Internship Certificate

Get Dual Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The deep Learning Internship Program is a Virtual Internship Program. This is a mix of Recorded Sessions + LIVE Weekly Mastermind Sessions and Project Development.

Anyone with an interest in Deep Domain can take this Internship. Students, professionals, and hobbyists with a zeal for AI.

The curriculum of this program is designed to provide technical knowledge from scratch. Hence No prior knowledge or coding experience is required. Participants are provided with KT from the basics

Once registered for this program, you shall get access credentials to our LMS Portal. You can make use of the same and access the program. You can learn and practice from desktop or from mobile using our Dedicated Mobile App.

Yes, 10+ Projects are included in this Internship. Depending on the Duration of the Internship, Projects will be increased.

The length of time it takes to complete this program depends on the amount of time you can dedicate to the program.

The Internship Program comes in two Durations. One Month and Two Month Certification. However, you will have access to the records and the presentations for a period of 90 Days from the date of Registration.

Yes, you will be provided with Dual Certifications. Certificate of Internship Completion and Certificate of Mastermind Participation. Certificates will be available to download on the same LMS Portal.

There will be No Mention of ONLINE or OFFLINE Internship in the certificate. Sample Certificate has been made available in the above.

Yes, this is a Recognised and Certified Internship. You can have a valuable addition to your resume. Pantech is a Technical Equipment cum training company which is in this Industry for 18+ Years of Experience

For recruitment within Pantech, we give preference to those who have completed an Internship with us. Job Notifications pertaining to the Deep Learning Domain are provided. You can have a valuable addition to your resume.

Learn, practice, and get certified !

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Step 1 Enroll to the Program

✓ Gain Access to 30 Days of Record
✓ Get a Mentor Assigned
✓ Download Presentations & Practice Codes
✓ Learn at your Flexible Time
✓ Apprehend the concepts