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Installation of OpenCV for Image Processing and Machine Learning Applications

Computer vision is an area of study which allows computers to identify the visual world humans can see. It’s a division of AI which retrieves information from digital images or videos. It then processes the images to define its attributes. Open-Source Computer Vision Library, also known as OpenCV, is a library for machine learning. It is using to develop computer vision applications. With the field of computer vision gaining popularity, Open Computer Vision highly starts to accelerate with individuals as well as businesses. Here we are explaining about the Installation Procedures for OpenCV.

What is Open Computer Vision?

OpenCV is a cross-platform library using which we can develop real-time computer vision applications. It mainly focuses on image processing, face detection and object detection. Open Computer Vision is the most common library for computer vision, offering lots of complex and fast algorithms. OpenCV is the large open-source library for the computer vision, Machine Learning, and image processing. Also it plays an important role in real-time operation which is very crucial in today’s systems. We can process images and videos by using Open Computer Vision. Thus we can identify objects, recognize faces, or even handwriting of a person.

Currently Open Computer Vision supports different programming languages like C++, Python, Java etc. It is also available on various platforms including Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, IOS etc. OpenCV works under the installation of python in your Pc. So, first the user has to install the python and then install OpenCV in your PC.

There are very few steps to install OpenCV, but before that you need to install python.

Installation of Python

  • Open your web browser, and search for python. You will be in the official page of python, and now click the official link of python “Welcome to” for downloading python.
  • You will visit the official webpage of python, and there you will find the download link in the latest version of the python. Scroll down to find the downloads, under that you find the latest version of python, click that.

  • After clicking into the latest version download section, it will take you to the download page, where there will be list of download section, you can select the version of your PC and download the python software in your PC.

  • By selecting the version of installer of python, you will find a dialog which asks for the user to have their own customized installation or will have the default location to install. Either click Install now or customized installation to choose your path.

  • On the next page you will be having some optional features provided during python installation so click “Next”.

  • On the next dialog box, you will find the advanced features dialog box, where you can accept it as it is, and the location to install the python will be shown, either you can browse it to find new location or keep the default location. After selecting you can click “Install”.

  • Now the installation of the latest version of python will be started by the PC. It extracts many applications in the python software, and gets installed.

  • After the installation you will get a dialog box which says the “Setup was successful”.

  • To have a confirmation that the installation has been properly in your PC, you can search as Python in the taskbar, and you can find the search related information about the python, and you can click the latest version of python installed in your system.
  • It opens the python command prompt in your PC, where you can do some simple program to know the working of the python in your system.

  • Even you can open the IDLE of the python in your system, and have some coding with python.

  • To know the version of your python software, open the command prompt in your PC, and type “python –version” in command prompt and in the next line you will get the version of your python.

  • Pip is a feature in python which helps in installing the OpenCV in your system. To know whether the pip is installed you can type in command prompt as “pip –version” and press enter, you can find the version of pip and location that pip has been installed.

  • If you get the version of the pip without getting an error, you can be ready to Install the OpenCV software in your PC, that takes place in the command prompt.

Installation of OpenCV

  • Let’s start the installation of OpenCV in your system. The command that has to be given in the command prompt is that, “pip install open cv-python”, this is the comment should be given in the command prompt for installing OpenCV.

  • After you give that comment, the downloading gets started. It collects the OpenCV and downloads it, there will be many information in the download part, as information on version and timing that takes to download.
  • However, the latest version of OpenCV gets installed. The “Numpy”, data’s gets installed along with OpenCV. After the installation you will get a message that successfully installed python and OpenCV with the OpenCV version.

  • The installation has been done on your PC.
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