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What is VLSI? | Why VLSI is important in modern days?

What is VLSI? | Why VLSI is important in modern days?

What is VLSI?

VLSI is that the process of i.e.; integrating or embedding many thousands of transistors on one silicon semiconductor microchip. Importance of VLSI in modern days is that it helps to create big memory arrays and are used in microcontroller and microprocessors.

Why VLSI is important in modern days?

VLSI is important because it is very useful for compact design. It has small power consumption as compared to discrete components circuit. VLSI can be used i.e.; for different functions in compact size.

Importance of VLSI in modern days and Uses of VLSI

  • Personal entertainment systems perform sophisticated algorithms with remarkably little energy.
  • The Digital electronics i.e.; compress and decompress video, even at high-definition data rates, on-the-fly in consumer electronics.
  • Low-cost terminals for Web browsing require i.e.; sophisticated electronics, despite the dedicated function.
  • The personal computers and workstations provide i.e.; word-processing, financial analysis, and games. It includes both central processing units (CPUs) and special-purpose hardware for access, faster screen display, etc.
  • Medical electronic systems measure body functions and perform complex processing algorithms to warn about unusual conditions. The availability of those i.e.; complex systems, faraway from overwhelming consumers, only creates demand for even more complex systems.

How does VLSI work?

Very large-scale integration is the process of making an microcircuit by combining many MOS transistors onto one chip. It is a microcircuit chips widely adopted, enabling complex semiconductor and telecommunication technologies to be developed.

Advantages of VLSI

  1. Reduces the Size of Circuits.
  2. Reduces effective cost of the devices.
  3. Increases the Operating speed of circuits
  4. Requires less power than Discrete components.
  5. Higher Reliability
  6. Occupies a relatively smaller area.

How Pantech help to overview about the VLSI and its importance

Pantech eLearning help to overview about the VLSI and its importance. Pantech eLearning offers i.e.; internships, courses, workshops and projects on VLSI.

It is about the Basic concepts of VLSI Design, which delivers content within the type of Info-Graphics. It is designed for self-learning and can help to shine the economic skills in VLSI World. This focuses on the i.e.; basic elemental and characteristics of MOS Transistor.

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