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What are the importance and benefits of Android?

What are the importance and benefits of Android?



What is Android? 

Android is an OS for mobile phones that’s supported the modified version of the Linux. Android is an open-source software that contains the operation system, middleware and key applications. It provides the open-source facility means anyone can download the code and modified that code and may use that code easily. What are the importance and benefits of Android? Let’s find out

What are the benefits of Android?

Innovations Reach the Market Quicker: Android platform features a proven diary of supporting the newest cutting-edge ideas. While casual apps still seem to seem on almost every OS at an equivalent time, the larger hardware innovations almost start at Google.

Customized ROMs: The apps that give you advanced features on Android, one among the simplest things is that folks can use it, modify it all over, and install custom versions rather than the one that comes together with your phone.

It will allow you tons of system-level tweak that simply wouldn’t be ready to get this easily on the other OS like Windows or IOS.

Open Source: The Android OS allows the developers and hardware manufacturers to form changes to the operating system’s core software. This allows the businesses to form changes within the OS to figure in very specific industries.

Customizable UI: Google’s been working hard to form Android’s interface (UI) as flexible and customizable as possible. In doing so Google’s loaded Android with a number of customizable widgets.

These are often used anywhere in UI and that they offer updates or shortcuts to a spread of services, like email, calendar, and massages etc.

What is the importance of Android?

Sales & Revenue Improvement: The individuals using smartphone is increasing exponentially. People prefer shopping on mobile phones than walking into stores. This successively increases the sales graph also. People will tend to continue mobile shopping until you create the user experience smoother.

Adding the merchandise to their cart and finish payment during a single step saves time and energy. Hence sales increase due to mobile app shopping which successively improves the revenue also.

Promotional Benefits: Any business is often spotlighted as long as the marketing strategies holds a far better position. Android applications might be used for marketing purposes too.

If you’re that specialize in product sales through your application, additionally thereto also promote other products and customer at the opposite end can receive latest promotions. And also send coupons on discount through the mobile application.

Branding: It is vital that any business should be made identified by the customers. The icons of android application hold a special place that reflects your business. People tend to make a decision about the business on seeing the app icon also. Android application system has easy features that would be used to enhance the visibility of any business.

In Customer’s Aspects: Nowadays all companies arising with mobile app that reflects their business. This facility let customers to interact with the businesses directly and simply.

With the assistance of those quite interactive sort of apps, in case of any issue with the service or products. Also, websites also can be made mobile friendly that increases customer convenience.

What android is used for?

Multitasking: It is the most benchmark of mobile and computing devices when market of mobile telephones and computing gadgets everyday with tons of new applications and, such a lot in order that for a while application for various preferences are driving the buyer’s motivation for purchasing a handset.

Great browsing experience on the mobile devices: having different browsers the overall browsing experience is far faster in many cases according to various expert groups and user reviews worldwide.

Being open-source platform the use and development both are vast: Android technology is an open-source platform and consequently most of the world’s mobile device manufacturers and application developers continued to supply valuable inputs which made Android a platform which is getting the widest possible input from the worldwide applied researches in IT.

How Pantech help to know the importance and benefits of Android?

Pantech eLearning help to provide an overview of the Android operating system. Pantech eLearning offers internships, courses, workshops and projects on Android.

The course will assist you utilizing the proper tools and technologies to create user-friendly applications easily. Learn the core concepts of designs, intents, activities and testing with advanced database and libraries.  Therefore, You’ll determine the way to effectively cooperate with the lifecycle of Android activities.

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