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How IOT is making our lives better?

How IOT is making our lives better

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to things that we use a day that also hook up with the web, allowing us to either control or receive data from our smartphone or computer. It helps us work smarter, live smarter, and gain complete control over our lives, but it’s also supporting our wellbeing behind the scenes. IoT is an important technology in business and industry, because it gives businesses a real-time glimpse into the inner workings of their company’s systems. It also reduces waste and improves service delivery, making it less costly to manufacture and deliver goods and providing transparency into customer transactions. How IOT is making our lives better? Lets find out.

Benefits of IoT

Easy Access

Right now, you can easily access the necessary information in real-time, from whichever location you are at. All it takes may be a smart device and internet connection. We use Google Maps to ascertain where we are, rather than asking an individual within the street. Booking is simpler than ever. Factual information is definitely accessible, even from the newest research project, or business analysis. It is only a click away.


All this data pouring in enables us to finish numerous tasks with envying speed. For example, IoT makes automation easy. Smart offices automate repetitive tasks, thus allowing employees to take a position their time and energy into something tougher.

Adapting to New Standards

Though IoT is ever-changing, its alterations are minimal compare to the remainder of the high-tech world. Without IoT, it might be hard for us to stay track of all the newest updates.

Better Time Management

Overall, the IoT is a fantastic time-saving tool. We can look for the newest news on our phones during our daily commute, or visit a blog about our favorite pastime, purchase an item in a web shop, you name it. Eventually, we find yourself with far more time on our hands.

How IoT impact in the Education Sector?

  1. Interactive Learning

Nowadays, learning has gone beyond traditional books. IoT has changed a crucial way of the education system through Interactive Learning Systems. There is a fast Response (QR) code available on the textbooks. By scanning the QR codes via smartphones, students finish up to web-based resource site. At this site, the scholars are easily accessible to feedback assignments and extra knowledge resources. This educational material will help students gain a deeper outlook and better understanding. With the assistance of IoT based interactive learning, educational professionals are bringing real-world problems within the classrooms allowing the scholars to seek out their solutions.

  1. Safety and Security

IoT introduces advance and productive ideas to assure student’s safety inside and out of doors the varsity premises. With the combine technology of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and IoT, schools can make real-time announcements for various emergencies. Educational Authorities can immediately lock the doors just in case of emergency or panic situation. Parents also can track the real-time movements of their children, especially the varsity entering and leaving duration. At an equivalent time, staff can ensure students are within the classrooms they’re alleged to be in. By this, attendance and punctuality reports are often produce automatically and can access in real-time by parents and faculty management.

  1. Educational Apps

The tutorial apps with IoT based solutions are transforming how teaching and learning are done, with their interesting features. Even those that are studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, find the tutorial apps very relevant as they will look for the study material on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Besides, apps and devices provide quick access to the staff members in order that students are often benefited from the resources they need to find out . Students with having difficulty in understanding the logic also can receive one on one assistance. An app that’s cheap and straightforward to deploy directs the trail to a network where students can receive reminders, links to lesson plans and assignments.

  1. Benefits for Disabled Students

Students with ADHD (Attention Deviation Hyperactivity Disorder), Dyslexia, Language Processing Disorder (LPD) and other learning impairments are helped greatly by IoT based solutions. These students respond to tablets very well. Connected gloves are introduced to translate signing to verbal speech, sound conversion to written communication. Best suitable for hearing impaired students.

How Pantech can make your lives better with IoT?

Pantech learning program covers popular, service-rich cloud platforms and focuses on the way to build and deploy IoT solutions. The program initiates to enhance the knowledge from beginner to advance for the people who interest in learning of advance technologies. Other than learning, our IoT learning programs also provides an industrial exposure of working in this software’s and packages with its relevant application. You will be making your own custom made applications to solve some simple real world problems. Training Program includes the webpage based control of Applications and reading status from the webpage. You will also acquire all the necessary skills that you need to gain to become an Embedded IoT System Engineer.

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