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Workshop Topics


Electronic Circuits and PCB Design
12.07.21 to 16.07.21
Learn to Code for Web – Java Programming
19.07.21 to 23.07.21
Arduino Programming 
26.07.21 to 30.07.21
Learn Matlab with Image Processing
02.08.21 to 06.08.21

E Certificate Attendance Form

Pantech E Learning takes pride in Launching Pantech’s Learn – A – Thon – Fundamentals 2021 – A FREE Five Days sessions on the basic concepts of Engineering – Explained the simplest ever design with practical examples and LIVE Demos.

This FREE Interactive session focuses on the rudimentary concepts of Engineering and aims at providing the best ever explanation and concept delivery. Whilst focusing on varying domains of Fundamental Engineering & Science concepts, participants get the elevation to relate to their practical real-world applications.

Registration: Free | Schedule: 5 Days | E Certificate | Method : Practical Approach

Go at your own pace

The World’s Largest Selection Of Courses

Get to choose from the World’s largest collection of Self-explanatory, Digital E Courses on core domains with multiple access options of mentored & self-paced learning.

Java Masterclass

Java – Master Class Agenda Titles Projects – Algorithms/method Day 1 – Java Introduction |Installation Day 2 – Java variables

PYMC Internship

Python Masterclass Program provides the complete In & Out of Python Programming. It covers all the essentials of Python Programming

Bootcamp on Image Processing with Research Concepts

This bootcamp makes the participants to get more details on research areas and the practical implementation on image processing using Matlab.

One Month Certified Training on Cybersecurity – IETE and DSIR Certification

Start your career in Cybersecurity and get a Recognised Certificate from DSIR, IETE with Skill India. Learn from Industry Experts!

Renewable Energy Masterclass

Learn Practice and Implement energy efficient systems and empower yourself to adequate scientific and technical skills to cater to the market demands.

Electric Vehicle Design Masterclass

EV Masterclass framed to get the complete knowledge on EV Modelling, Battery Charging, Motor Interface and the Fabrication Design.

Enjoy the top notch learning methods and achieve next level skills! You are the creator of your own career & we will guide you through that. Register Free Now!​

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