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Project Awareness Program – Free Knowledge Series 30 days: 30 Projects | IETE

Project Awareness Program – Free Knowledge Series 30 days: 30 Projects | IETE

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Project Awareness Program – Free Knowledge Series 30 days: 30 Projects | IETE

Saturday, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
December 12, 2020


Pantech eLearning


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Project Awareness Program – Free Knowledge Series 30 days: 30 Projects | IETE

Saturday, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
December 12, 2020


Project Awareness Program – Project Based Learning – Free Knowledge Series with IETE.

From rudimentary concepts to intricate project solutions, learn what it takes to become a confident technical expert in multi-technology from IETE & PANTECH E Learning in a series of video lessons. Registration for the webinar will be FREE.

What ll cover in the Daily Project Session? 

  1. IEEE Paper Analysis and the Objective of the Project
  2. Existing System
  3. Literature Survey
  4. Proposed Systems
  5. Block Diagram
  6. DFT / UML or Circuit Diagram of the Proposed System
  7. Algorithms or Techniques Involved
  8. Logic and the Code Explanation
  9. Platforms and the Programming
  10. Project Demo

30 Days : 30 Projects

Project Schedule Project Topic : Multi – Domain Technology
Project 1 10th Nov 2020 Customer Segmentation using unsupervised Learning Deep Learning
Project 2 11th Nov 2020 Revealing multiple objects using CNN OpenCV
Project 3 12th Nov 2020 Fuzzy Logic Control based MPPT of Solar Converter Power Systems
Project 4 16th Nov 2020 Iris Classification using Machine Learning Machine Learning
Project 5 17th Nov 2020 Slotted Micro strip MIMO Antenna for 5G Mobile Applications Antenna Design
Project 6 18th Nov 2020 Drowsiness Detection using Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi
Project 7 19th Nov 2020 Forged money Identification using Neural Network OpenCV
Project 8 20th Nov 2020 ANN based MPPT Algorithm in solar Converter Power Systems
Project 9 21st Nov 2020 Human Action Recognition using Matlab Image Processing
Project 10 22nd Nov 2020 NLP based Sentiment analysis with RNN NLP
Project 11 23rd Nov 2020 Group mobility by cooperative communication for high speed railway Communication
Project 12 24th Nov 2020 A NOVEL Simulink Design Active Front End Boost Rectifier Power Electronics
Project 13 25th Nov 2020 Image Stegnography based on KLSB using Matlab Image Processing
Project 14 26th Nov 2020 Heart Disease Prediction using Data Mining Technique Data Mining
Project 15 27th Nov 2020 Object counting and data logging using IoT IoT
Project 16 28th Nov 2020 NOMA Multiple Access Technique in 5G Communication system Communication
Project 17 29th Nov 2020 Speech Emotion Recognition Speech Processing
Project 18 30th Nov 2020 Brain tumour classification using CNN and Matlab Image Processing
Project 19 1st Dec 2020 Power Quality Improvement using Bridgeless Cuk Converter for EV Charger EV
Project 20 2nd Dec 2020 Build your own Block Chain using Pycharm Blockchain
Project 21 3rd Dec 2020 Google Assistance Voice Control Home Automation IoT
Project 22 4th Dec 2020 XG boosting with decision trees using Parkinson Dataset NLP
Project 23 5th Dec 2020 Green House Monitoring & Control using MQTT Protocol IoT
Project 24 6th Dec 2020 Stock Price Prediction Using LSTM Deep Learning Deep Learning
Project 25 7th Dec 2020 Face Detection Analysis: Six Algorithms Image Processing
Project 26 8th Dec 2020 Monopole Antenna at Dual Band Frequency for Indoor Applications Antenna Design
Project 27 9th Dec 2020 Product recommendation system using AI AI
Project 28 10th Dec 2020 Weather Forecast using Google Speech Recognition IoT
Project 29 11th Dec 2020 Analysis Of Bidirectional DC DC Converter Voltage Control Power Electronics
Project 30 12th Dec 2020 AI based Image classification on different objects AI

What you ll Learn?

  1. Understand the Project Concepts
  2. Understand the Existing and Proposed Systems
  3. How to develop a Project?
  4. Tools and the Platforms used to develop the Project.

Session Link

Live Session Link:

Certificate Policy

E Certificates on behalf of IETE and Pantech eLearning provided to all active participants who attended the sessions & filled out the E Attendance form given during the session… Grab your certificate in 2 -3 days’ time.

E Certificate Download Link:


The Session Presentation and the IEEE Paper Reference will be available on our blog to download, will update after the event on daily basis.

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1 year ago

Good platform to learn all the technologies nice sessions by the mentors, thank u pantech e learning

College / Organization Name
1 year ago

Looking forward this project learning session. Attended lot of events with Pantech, the way of sharing knowledge is good…thanks to team Pantech eLearning..

College / Organization Name
Anna University
1 year ago

Hi Pantech E Learning , I’ve registered .I’ve been a participant of your internship program too. Looking forward this project based learning eagerly.. Kudos..

College / Organization Name
Sairam Institute
Aritra Biswas
1 year ago


College / Organization Name
samia benyahia
1 year ago

Thank you for your kind efforts regarding certificates. Are they downloaded on the platform or sent by email?

College / Organization Name
University of Batna 1/Algeria
1 year ago

Nice Webinar

College / Organization Name
Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology puducherry
1 year ago

Great Platform for learning.

College / Organization Name
Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication
Magaji Isah
1 year ago

Wonderful and informative webinars are always in Pantech Solutions, The solution provider of the 21st century.

College / Organization Name
1 year ago

Pantech is Good platform to learn all the technologies nice sessions by the mentors, thank u pantech e learning___:-)

College / Organization Name
1 year ago

The session was so informative and it’s very useful…thank you for Pantech e-learning

College / Organization Name
1 year ago

Informative Session to learn about various technologies and how they are applied in today’s world.

College / Organization Name
Rajalakshmi Engineering College
Narnavaram Dilipkumar

It is a good plateform for beginers to get an idea regarding pantech e learning projects thanks a lot pantech by providing this they can easily get understand the project and also your team clarifying the doubts whatever we post thanks alot

College / Organization Name
Sree vidyanikethan engineering college

Really useful sir …. thanks a lot to pantech team this 30 days project series was really useful sir thank u sir….. really appreciate sir

College / Organization Name
St.Joseph's College Of Engineering
Aasawari Anand Gund
1 year ago

I’ve attended the sessions of pantech learning. They are very informative .Thank you so much for your efforts🙌

College / Organization Name
Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad
1 year ago


College / Organization Name
37 old lawyer's chambers supreme court of India NEW DELHI
Pragadeeswaran SenthilKumar

A good platform to enlighten the knowledge

College / Organization Name
Karunya institute of technology and science
1 year ago

Pantech elearning is a good platform to excel the knowledge on current technologies.
It delivers the insightfil trainings by different experts/Professionals.
Trainings are appreciated 👍👍.

Preethi L
1 year ago


College / Organization Name
Gem Lisboa
1 year ago

Can I ask if when did you give the special certificates for TOP Performers of this webinars? Pls Pantech Reply Thank you

College / Organization Name
Batangas State University
Ravindra Bhegade
1 year ago

Would like to join today’s session

College / Organization Name
Nutan College of Engineering and Research
1 year ago

Please add .. website and andriod development Technology project upcoming periods..