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Electric Vehicle Design Master Class - Internship

Build a strong foundation in Electric Vehicle Design – the most awaited and one of the emerging technology of the future.  Learn to make own custom made applications to solve some simple real world problems.

Intern Fee : Rs.999/-

EV Master Class internship

Batch Start: 2 Feb 2022

Limited Seats

Program Duration: 30 Days

Projects & Assignments

Learning Format

Recorded Session

Internship Overview

Learn from the scratch to design Electric Vehicles and its concepts underneath . Detailed study on power electronics designs such as inverters , converters and more. With the boom in the Green Energy and Hybrid Vehicles , this program focusses on Electric Vehicle design on Motor control & Battery Design and Specifications . Take a Leap towards an Specialized Career on Electrical & EV Design.

Key Features

  • 30+ Hours of Learning
  • University Recognised APSSDC Certification
  • Curriculum Designed by Academicians & Industry personels
  • Learn while you Do! Learn by Practising!
  • 10+ Development Projects
  • Mentor Assisted Learning
  • Access to Records & Video Contents
  • Presentation and the Codes – Downloadable
  • Options to Learn at your own pace
  • Community Forums – Doubts Clarification & Knowledge Sharing
About Us
Why EV Design

EV is not a futuristic technology anymore.. Its Already HERE !

Take the stride towards your career in Electric Vehicle Design . EV is not anymore a futuristic technology. Its been around us for sometime now. Learn from the scratch till the uphill task of designing a EV using MATLAB Tools and Simulations. On the way , get rides to Software , Controllers , Vehicle Dynamics , Battery Designs & More..

Learning Path!

Learning path of any learning concept is rather very important, as it is the way through which the learning process is enabled. This EV Design Master class is designed to make the participant learn from the scratch and master the concepts with ease.

  • EV Design Fundamentals & Software – MATLAB Simulink, Arduino IDE
  • Vehicle Dynamics – Force,  Power & Drive Cycle
  • Motor Controls – PMDC, ACIM, BLDC, PMSM, SRM Motor controls 
  • Battery Design & Specs –  SOC, BMS, Battery Size Design & Calculations.

What You Will Learn!

Day -1 : Matlab – Simulink Introduction

Day -2: Electric Vehicle Introduction

Day -3: Forces on EV Calculations

Day -4: Power for EV Calculations

Day -5: Introduction to Power Electronics

Day -6: Power Converter Design -1

Day -7: Power Convert design – 2 Using MATLAB Simulink

Day -8: Inverter Design MATLAB Simulink

Day -9: Introduction to Electric Motor MATLAB Simulink

Day -10: DC Motor Speed Control MATLAB Simulink

Day -11: BLDC Motor Control MATLAB Simulink

Day -12: AC Induction Motor Control MATLAB Simulink

Day -13: PMSM Motor Control MATLAB Simulink

Day -14: SRM Motor Control MATLAB Simulink

Day -15: Introduction to Battery Modelling MATLAB Simulink

Day -16: Battery Management System

Day -17: SOC Estimation

Day -18: Battery Protection

Day -19: Simscape Introduction

Day -20: Simscape Fundamentals

Day -21: Vehicle Modelling Intro

Day -22: Power Train Modelling

Day -23: Vehicle Drive and Control

Day -24: MCU for EV Application

Day -25: Protocols for EV Application

Day -26: Sensor Circuit Design for EV Application

Day -27: Gate Drive Design for EV Application

Day -28: Arduino Based Induction Motor Control

Day -29: EV Model Fabrication Design

Day -30: EV Model Vehicle Fabrication

Internship Take Ways – Assignments, Projects, Certifications

Internship Certificate
  • Enhanced Knowledge Transfer
  • Guided / Mentored Assignments
  • Recognized Internship Certifications
  • Resume Building Recommendations
  • Professional Networking
  • Downloads – PPTs & Project Files
  • 2 Months Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Certificate Downloads on Immediate

Industry Projects

About Us
Why Choose Us

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Tools Covered

  • Why EV Design?

    More remarkable efforts are being put in the Industry towards transformation from the conventional mode to the Electric Design of Vehicles. Cited some, Companies like Tesla, Nio, Ford and Volkswagen are already into the market exploring multiple options and capabilities of enhancing driver and user experience. EV Design is now a 350Billion USD Market Globally and the demand of EV Design Engineers is always on the rise.

  • Benefits of EV Design?

    Main components of the EV are Motors, Battery, Charger Unit and the Electric Power Control Unit. This program on EV Design focusses on the design of all the components with Hands on sessions and multiple projects to make the participants understand the concepts of EV Design in a more sophisticated way.

  • Software Tools used in EV Design?

    MATLAB Simulink & Arduino Idle

  • Venue and Duration of the Internship?

    Internship is on Online Mode. Recorded sessions with illustrative combination of theory and practice will enhance the user learning experience.

  • Certificate for the Internship?

    Yes, Its a Certified Internship and Certified by Pantech and APSSDC.