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Top Engineering Projects for College Students

Top Engineering Projects for College Students


Top Engineering Projects for College Students

Pantech provides top engineering projects for college students which helps to understand learn further skills in a quicker way. It transforms the student’s qualities of specialized expertise and high levels of ethical values, who contribute to the advancement of society and mortal kind.

It provides quality specialized education in line with the requirements of today’s competitive industry and fast-paced technological developments.

About Pantech

Pantech is a platform to attain and maintain excellence in education through commitment and give an inspiring environment of learning for students to transform into complete humankind with ethical and social values.

It offers openings to scholars and enables them to pursue sapience into transformative specialized trends with a view to empower & make a knowledge society.

List of Top Engineering Projects

Over Speed Detection:

The point of this device is operating from the distance of over speed and the vehicle is linked. It works on extremely consistent laser beams. This device can be used on any kind of road and is transferable easily to decrease road accidents. It aims to design an automated speed detection system that can detect the speed of vehicles and if over-speeding occurs.

The results show that the system successfully detects overspeeding, extracts the license plate has high performance and can be deployed on roads to check for overspeeding.


Fingerprint Sensor:

It’s created to evade security issues and the fingerprint detector reads the thumbprint of the affiliate existing. The key idea of this project is to grant the authentic right of entry to various divisions by reading members’ thumbprints.

Fingerprint scanners are used for recognizing and authenticating the fingerprint of an individual. Fingerprint readers and scanners are safe and reliable devices for any security authentication.

The wide ranges of fingerprint scanner devices deliver quick personality verification with a high level of security in a consistent way for various Citizen or Person identity ventures.


Wireless Robotic Arm:

It develops in designing the industrialized operations which are supple and bettered to use in the near future. This robotic arm is interfaced with a microcontroller and motors are connected with each other which interface with panel-enabled keys to control.

It is used for a wide variety of tasks ranging from household tasks, industrial applications to exploration of outer space. The system exploits this feature to provide precise control signals to mechanical robotic arm wirelessly, giving the ability to perform even very delicate tasks without much effort.


Electronic Notepad:

This will give the facility to transfer data to a computer when needed. The transfer is done with the help of software that interprets data and displays it on the screen. It comprises a touch screen with a storage memory to accumulate data written.

It is a storage device that eliminates the need to re-enter or type notes taken in meetings and should make working with typically paper-based documents even easier and less of a hassle. This will allow a user to modify on the computer using the technology, which can provide a much greater deal of control and precision.


Power Theft using Micro Controller:

The rate of power theft has been increasing. To overcome this problem it’s a system of power theft identification. This identifies the power theft and intimates to the board via the power line. The proposed electricity theft detection system helps to detect the theft which includes tapping on the distribution lines using a piece of wire, which is counting the current units by placing a wire before and after the meter reading unit.

It’s a technology characterized by a high-reliability restricted footprint and real-time operation associated with a narrowly defined group of functions.

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