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Secured Erasure Code Based Algorithm For Cloud Data Security in Distributed Storage System

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 High-speed networks and ubiquitous Internet access become available to users for access anywhere at any time. Cloud computing is a concept that treats the resources on the Internet as a unified entity, a cloud. Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties. Hosting companies operate large data centers, and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them.

                        The data center operators, in the background, virtualize the resources according to the requirements of the customer and expose them as storage pools, which the customers can themselves use to store files or data objects. Physically, the resource may span across multiple servers.

Data robustness is a major requirement for storage systems. There have been many proposals of storing data over storage servers. One way to provide data robustness is to replicate a message such that each storage server stores a copy of the message. A decentralized erasure code is suitable for use in a distributed storage system.

We construct a secure cloud storage system that supports the function of secure data forwarding by using anAES and Proxy re encryption.  In this model initial phase owner will upload the data with AES Encryption. Next phase, inside of cloud again the data has divided into small pieces, for this process we will apply a dividing key. Data will place in different storage lactations. The information of data storage will monitor by a unique data distributors. If the valid user accessing the data cloud will retrieve the data as reversible manner.


Existing System:

 In Existing System we use a straightforward integration method. In straightforward integration method Storing data in a third party’s cloud system causes serious concern on data confidentiality. In order to provide strong confidentiality for messages in storage servers, a user can encrypt messages by a cryptographic method before applying an erasure code method to encode and store messages. When he wants to use a message, he needs to retrieve the

Codeword symbols from storage servers, decode them, and then decrypt them by using cryptographic keys. General encryption schemes protect data confidentiality, but also limit the functionality of the storage system because a few operations are supported over encrypted data. A decentralized architecture for storage systems offers good scalability, because a storage server can join or leave without control of a central authority.



  • The user can perform more computation and communication traffic between the user and storage servers is high.
  • The user has to manage his cryptographic keys otherwise the security has to be broken.
  • The data storing and retrieving, it is hard for storage servers to directly support other functions.



Proposed System:

In our proposed systemwe address the problem of forwarding data to another user by storage servers directly under the command of the data owner. We consider the system model that consists of distributed storage servers and key servers. Since storing cryptographic keys in a single device is risky, a user distributes his cryptographic key to key servers that shall perform cryptographic functions on behalf of the user. These key servers are highly protected by security mechanisms.

Here Storage system has allocates by different data container. Once owner uploads the data with AES encryption mechanism, system again takes the data and makes Secure Data segregation process. All the data pieces will be save in different location in cloud storage. Here public distributor monitors all the data and corresponding positions where it is saved. When a proper client asking the data, cloud system will provide the data in reversible manner.So our system will prevent our data from both Inside and Outside attackers.



  • Tight integration of encoding, encryption, and forwarding makes the storage system efficiently meet the requirements of data robustness, data confidentiality, and data forwarding.
  • The storage servers independently perform encoding and re-encryption process and the key servers independently perform partial decryption process.
  • More flexible adjustment between the number of storage servers and robustness.


 System architecture:

Secured Erasure Code Based Algorithm For Cloud Data Security




Hardware Specification:

  • Main Processor : 2GHz
  • Ram : 512 MB (min)
  • Hard Disk : 80 GB
  • Tools         : Netbeans



Software Specification:

  • Language     : Java
  • Web Server    : Tomcat 6
  • Operating System : Windows 7 32 Bit
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