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Recognition of real time finger vein using image processing

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The most vital requirement in today’s world of spoofing attacks is the high security. The development in consumer electronics demands for high security with high accuracy and high speed of authentication. Human behavioural and physiological features in biometrics has the large scope as a solution for security issues. However, the existing biometric systems are highly complex in terms of time or space or both, and thus not suitable in very high security. Thus an embedded finger-vein recognition system for authentication is proposed. The system is to be implemented using novel finger vein recognition algorithm and lacunae, fractal dimension and gabor filter are the algorithms used for feature extraction and the matching of the extracted feature is done using the distance classifier. The analysis is done using the various features from which the kurtosis, range shows large variation from person to person. Based on this analysis finger vein recognition becomes easier and reliable.



Biometrics is used for the purpose of securing private information, personal identification and verification. Biometrics includes various methods of identification and verification such as finger print recognition, face recognition, palm print, password, access cards, iris recognition, and so on. Finger vein recognition is the one which is being used recently and is very reliable  Password, Access cards and PIN (Personal Identification Number)are the basic biometrics used for information protection are easy to implement but they can be forgotten or can be easily exposed. Human behavioural and physiological features are used as the solution for the security issues. Finger print is not permanent over time and can be cheated or a dummy can be created. Palm print can be easily frayed. Voice, signatures can be easily copied or dubbed. Face recognition becomes difficult in the case of it’s occurrence such as wearing make up, glares, face-lifts, wearing hats or cap[1], [9]. At present there is need of cost efficient, accurate and reliable biometrics system. Finger vein authentication is often a biometric technology which specifies an individual when using the vein pattern inside of the fingers. Veins are usually the blood vessels which carry blood towards the heart. Every single person’s veins are having unique physical and behavioural features. It provides a greater degree of security that protects information and access control much better.The biometric technique which identifies a person by using the vein patterns inside the fingers is the finger vein system. Each and every person has unique vein patterns. Basically veins are nothing but the blood vessels or tubes which carries oxygen-depleted blood towards heart. Also the physical and behavioural features.


Block Diagram:

Finger Vein Detection


Existing System:

Finger vein smart card based bio cryptosystem used ROI method to choose the clear image also the idea of storing both the biometric template sensitive



  • It is complicated because more steps to store the data
  • Could not detect excat vein
  • Used unwanted smart card
  • Noise will not completely removal


Proposed System:

  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Pre-processing
  • Feature Extraction



  • Detect abnormalities
  • The result will not change
  • Security purpose


Software Requirement:

  • Python Idle
  • Opencv
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