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Online employee leave management System

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Efficient employee attendance management leads any organizations to increase overall corporate performance and accomplish specific goals. Accurate employee attendance records are importantly used to control working discipline and increase worker’s productivity. Manual attendance-time checking makes increasingly the expense of time-consuming and paper work of the companies. Human actions i.e. mistake at work, and fraudulent time keeping are additional hidden expenses which affect the productivity of the organization. Variation of the attendance policies set up in different companies make more complicated in evaluation of employee working hours. Hence, automated time-attendance management system is the key operational variables for enhancing the performance, and profitability. The attendance management system captures time-attendance data and serves the management of the employee working hour records. However, some existing time attendance systems have limitations in terms of identification speed, cost of system devices, real-time attendance monitoring, and flexibility of database storage size. In this paper, we introduce a cloud-based employee attendance management system he proposed application provides several important operations such as captured attendance records.


Existing Method:

  • Finger print based automation.
  • Iris based recognition.



  • Slowly process


Proposed Method:

  • Online employee leave  automation with single face feature comparison and recognition system


 Block Diagram:

Online employee leave management System



  • Automated  recognition the id  and replication system.
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