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Internship on IoT with Machine Learning – NITK STEP

Internship on IoT with Machine Learning – NITK

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140 students

Designed suitably with inputs from Academic personnel’s, this specific training program on IoT using Raspberry Pi, Python Programming & Machine Learning is floated with an Industrial point of view. This training program is designed in a way with a mix of 80% Hands on Sessions & subsequent theory sessions to cater to the industrial requirements and make the candidates industry ready.

Internship Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Internship program, the candidate will

  • Have Adept knowledge of Controller Architectures – Raspberry Pi
  • Be able to acquire vast Python Programing
  • Have definite knowledge on accessing the Open Source Cloud platforms
  • Gain a deep thrust to the Machine Learning Algorithms – Program specific & from the coding point
  • Have a better understanding on the Interfacing of Peripherals & Sensors to the Controllers
  • Work on the Projects – Acquire Practical Knowledge and Industry Demands

What’s more? The Candidate will be Industry Ready!


Week 1: Python Programming & IoT Application

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Programming
  • Core objects and Built-in-Functions
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Hands on Training with Python Program
  • Python for IoT Application
  • Operating System and the Libraries
  • Weather application with python
  • Weather notification
  • Python with ThingSpeak application


Week 2: Raspberry Pi Architecture & Peripheral Interface

  • Raspberry Pi with python fundamentals
  • Python Program on Peripheral Interface
  • Peripheral interface with Pi – led and buzzer.
  • Interface IR and PIR Sensor
  • Develop a code using IR sensor for object detection
  • Develop a code using PIR sensor for security application
  • Develop a project for Smart room using PIR Sensor – person count


Week 3: Raspberry Pi & Internet of Things [IoT]

  • Internet of things with raspberry Pi
  • Interface Ultrasonic with Pi
  • Interface a Camera with Pi for security application
  • Project Development – Capturing and sending image on sensor detection through mail
  • Creating webpage for controlling devices
  • Espeak software introduction
  • Develop a Platform for ThingSpeak with Pi
  • Writing and reading values from ThingSpeak
  • ThingSpeak security system


Week 4: Machine Learning Algorithms and Concepts

  • Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithm
  • File handling, Exception handling, Command line arguments, modules and packages
  • Functions, String, List
  • Python Regular Expressions
  • Data types: Array creation, I/O with NumPy, Indexing, Broadcasting, Byte-swapping, Structured arrays, Sub classing array
  • Exploring Data with Pandas, Data manipulation with Pandas
  • Statistical & Tine Series analysis with Pandas
  • Design a Learning System
  • Bayesian Learning Techniques
  • Linear models for Regression/Classification
  • Non-linear Models & Decision Trees
  • Instance-based Learning, k-Nearest Neighbour Learning


Industrial Internship Pedagogy

The Industrial Internship Program is mix of Theory sessions, Quizzes, Hands on Sessions, Liver Interaction with Experts, Assignments and Practical Exercises. Maximum Impetus is given to Hands on Sessions so as to enable the participants with the maximum knowledge transfer and satisfaction. The ratio of the theory, practical sessions will be 30:70.


Industry Internship Benefits

  • Project Based Learning Experience
  • Certificate of Industry Internship Completion by STEP NITK , IEEE & PANTECH
  • Proctored Assignments & Tasks validated by STEP NIT & PANTECH
  • Interactive Live Session
  • Mentor Access to Clarify your Queries
  • Access to Recorded Video of the Sessions , Codes & PPTs at any instance of time
  • Access to Knowledge FORUM – PANTECH
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Agile Project Expert

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Internship on IoT with Machine Learning – NITK STEP
Course Preview
  • Price
  • Instructor pantech
  • Duration 30 Hours
  • Certificate Provider NITK STEP and Pantech eLearning
  • Enrolled 140 student
  • Access Lifetime

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