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AI Masterclass 1

AI Masterclass

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AI Masterclass

100 days
All levels
70 lessons
0 quizzes
458 students

This Certified Course on Artificial Intelligence is designed with extreme preference and caution to make the participants a complete insight into the multiple dimensions of AI using Python Language. Whilst the program provides the necessary adapt to Python, its prime intention is to light the concepts of AI with a special focus. much more in elaborate, easy-to-understand models and with some application use cases.


Learning Path:

Day 1 Introduction to AI
Day 2 Why python for AI?
Day 3 Introduction to computer vision and its application
Day 4 Color tracking using OpenCV
Day 5 Image & video processing using Computer vision
Day 6 Face counting Using OpenCV
Day 7 Edge detection using OpenCV
Day 8 Region of Interest using OpenCV
Day 9 Lane detection using OpenCV
Day 10 Fire detection using OpenCV
Day 11 Gesture detection using Sklearn and OpenCV
Day 12 Digital art using OpenCV
Day 13 Mouse control using gesture
Day 14 Drowsiness detection using eye aspect ratio
Day 15 Head Pose detection using ML
Day 16 Object recognition using DNN and Tensorflow
Day 17 Vehicle speed estimation using DNN
Day 18 Emotion recognition using deep learning
Day 19 Traffic sign recognition using deep learning
Day 20 Social distance monitoring using deep learning
Day 21 Optical Character Recognition
Day 22 Speech recognition and text to speech conversion
Day 23 Speech emotion recognition using deep learning
Day 24 Introduction to NLP and its applications
Day 25 Tokenizing using nltk
Day 26 What is stemming in NLP?
Day 27 Purpose of lemmatizing
Day 28 About chunking and its functions
Day 29 Intro to NLP using AWS
Day 30 Working with AI in Azure

1 total


  • Kasu Sivakrishnareddy

    This Internship Very Useful To Freshers And who want to cange their Role to AI

    It's A Updated Technology


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AI Masterclass 1
Course Preview
  • Price
  • Instructor Pantech eLearning
  • Duration 30 Hrs
  • Lessons 70
  • Enrolled 458 student
  • Access 3 Months

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