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Adaptive Watermarking And Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation

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Watermarking is the process of hiding digital information into a cover image; the hidden information should,but does not need to contain a relation to the cover image. Digital watermarks may be used to verify the authenticity or integrity of the cover imageAchieving the purpose of information hiding with the secret bits of information to replace the random noise, using the lowest plane embedding secret information to avoid noise and attacks, making use of redundancy to enhance the sound embedded in the way nature to be addressed. The results showed that the proposed algorithm has a very good hidden invisibility, good security and robustness for a lot of hidden attacks. It is the process of embedding data within the domain of another data; this data can be text, image, and video contents. The embedded watermark can be invisible (hidden in such a way that it cannot be retrieved without knowing the extraction algorithm) to the human eye.

          Set partitioning in hierarchical trees (SPIHT) is an image compression algorithm that exploits the inherent similarities across the sub-bands in a wavelet decomposition of an image.The SPIHT algorithm contains the 3 level DWT which could partition the values into 3 levels for better noise free and compression. The level of the co-efficient can be determined and then it could be hide the new pixel value instead of cover image pixel value. The information hiding algorithm is processed on the level of tree structure based method for compression. This could be getting the output image better quality and accuracy with hiding information. This will be implemented in real time process by using hardware as FPGA (SPARTAN 3). The processing is done in Xilinx ISE and Xilinx platform studio.


Existing System:

  • In existing system1 level DWT used.
  • Chaos based image encryption was presented
  • The data hiding capacity is low in this technique.
  • More distortion due to hiding process, so it may degrade the image quality.
  • More noise will added in Decryption image


Proposed System:

  • Using Wavelet Transform to decompose original images into proper levels.
  • One low-frequency approximate component and three high-frequency detail components will be acquired in each level.
  • Lifting Transform of individual acquired low frequency approximate component and high frequency detail components from both of images, neighborhood interpolation method is used and the details of gray can’t be changed.
  • According to definite standard to fuse images, local area variance is chose to measure definition for low frequency component.
  • Inverse Transformation is taken to get Original Image



Block Diagram:

Watermarking And Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation



Decryption And Data Extraction:


Software Tools:




  • Copyright Protection: -Digital watermarks can be used to identify and protect copyright ownership.


  • Tracking: -Digital watermarks can be used to track the usage of digital content.


  • Tamper Proofing: -Digital watermarks, which are fragile in nature, can be used for tamper proofing.


Broadcast Monitoring: Digital watermarks can be used to monitor broadcasted content like television and broadcast radio.

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