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Enroll in a Placement program, it takes 4 months to complete it.


Learn from Live & Recorded videos and get support from Mentor.


Apply Your Kowledge & Complete Industrial Projects.


Work as Intern for 2 months.
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Complete the course with   Internship.

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Recommended Placement Programs


AI Engineering

AI engineers work on designing and building AI models, algorithms, and systems that can learn from data, make predictions, solve complex problems, and automate tasks.


Data Science Engineering ​

to extract insights and value from large and complex datasets & use their expertise in programming, data analysis, and machine learning to design.​


Fullstack Devlopment

proficient in both client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end) technologies, allowing them to complete development of a web application.​


EV Design Engineering

It involves integrating various elements such as the vehicle's aesthetics, functionality, performance, safety, sustainability, aerodynamics, and styling element


Embedded engineering

to the process of designing, developing, and various applications such as automotive Systems, industrial control systems, medical devices, and IoT devices.​

Highlights of Placement Program

To gain exposure to industry practices, network with professionals, and potentially secure job offers 

Live & Self Paced Sessions

Best of both worlds of learning

Assignments & Modules

Practice & Implementation

Learn Core Skills

Prepare for the corporate world.

Mentor Sessions

Gain a crystal clear understanding

Industry level Projects

Get practical skills

Downloadable content

With lifetime access

Extended Support

Get constant help

Industry-recognized Certification

Pantech elearning

Community-based learning

Peer to Peer learning and interaction

Why Pantech ?

Career Guidance

Profile Building

Resume & CV sessions

Prepare for the corporate world.

100% Placement Guarantee

Gateway to Core Industry

Industry Relevant Skills

Learn industry relevant skills from technical experts

Project Based Learning

Work on projects, publish to your profile and get hired 

Dedicated Support

Get access to highly-dedicated technical Community

Job Leading Courses

All of our courses are mapped to specific job Profiles

Vest in your success

we have placed 180+ students and helped students get Core

Life Time Access

Once you are part of Pantech,  keep learning relevant 

Learn, practice, and get Placed !

Save Your Lakhs of Rupees

Course with Placement @ just Rs.25,000/-

Industry-recognized Certifications

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Reviews by Learners

Nivethida A

Its a very effective platform for the beginners, who wants to implent their real time proposals into models. Learnt a lot along with hands on training, which made the session both intresting and interactive 🔥🔥🔥

Pooja Devadiga​

Really enjoyed a lot and learnt many new things. It was an amazing experience to learn more about AI Image Processing concept. Once again, I thank you for sharing informative knowledge with us. 🔥✌👌​

Ajay Yadav

Excellent education, learning and industry oriented knowledge is shared by Pantech eLearning. Resource speakers are giving their best every day during the whole program/Internship. They deserve a lots of appreciation. A very big thanks to all the Pantech eLearning Team. 🔥🙏

Hemanth Korada

It's really helpful .. Nice interaction session of Datascience program for my carrier build and growth.. Thank you pantech for making me a part of this journey and its really awesome sessions everyday with different topics... 🙏🙏​

Your Quries, Our answers


placement program, also known as Course with Placement, is a structured work experience program offered by organizations to provide students or recent graduates with practical work experience in their field of study & gain hands-on experience and develop valuable skills related to their field.

The duration of placement program is about 4 Months. The duration is typically defined by the organization offering the program.

Participating in a placement program offers several benefits, including:

  1. Practical experience: You get the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge in a real-world work environment, gaining practical skills that can enhance your employability.

  2. Skill development: Placement programs often provide training and mentorship opportunities to help you develop valuable skills relevant to your field, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and industry-specific expertise.

  3. Networking: You can expand your professional network by connecting with professionals in your industry, which may lead to future job opportunities or valuable references.

  4. Resume enhancement: Having a placement program experience on your resume demonstrates your commitment to gaining practical experience and can make you stand out to future employers.

  5. Exploration and clarity: Placement programs allow you to explore different roles and industries, helping you gain clarity about your career goals and interests.

Placement programs are primarily targeted at students or recent graduates, but some organizations may also offer programs for individuals who are seeking career transitions or want to gain new skills. The eligibility criteria for participation can vary, so it’s important to check the specific requirements of each program.

Yes, Placement programs can follow a hybrid model, combining both online and offline components. Initially a program might have online sessions for the first two months, where participants engage in virtual learning, training, and projects. These online sessions could include recorded sessions, live Interactive Sessions , virtual meetings, and online collaboration tools.

After the initial online phase, the program  transition to offline sessions for the next two months. This could involve participants working onsite at the organization’s physical location or attending in-person training sessions, workshops, and team activities.

The offline sessions allow participants to experience the workplace environment, interact with colleagues and mentors directly, and engage in hands-on projects.

Yes, placement programs can serve as a pathway to full-time employment. Industries use placement programs as a way to identify and evaluate potential candidates for their needs. 

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