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Category: Image Processing Projects

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Adaptive Watermarking And Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation

Abstract: Watermarking is the process of hiding digital information into a cover image; the hidden information should,but does not need to contain a relation to the cover image. Digital watermarks may be used to verify the authenticity or integrity of the cover imageAchieving the purpose of information hiding with the secret bits of information to


Text Based Image Retrieval Using Neural Network Algorithm

Abstract: We gift a image retrieval system supported a combined search of text and content. But it has been going complex to retrieve the image from text. We have so many implementations regarding the content based image retrieval. In this project the concept is to use the text gift in title, description, and tags of


CNN-based Adversarial Embedding for Image Steganography

Abstract: Steganographic schemes are commonly designed in a way to preserve image statistics or steganalytic features. Since most of the state-of-the-art steganalytic methods employ a machine learning (ML) based classifier, it is reasonable to consider countering steganalysis by trying to fool the ML classifiers. However, simply applying perturbations on stego images as adversarial examples may


An improved method for reversible data hiding steganography combined with cryptography

Abstract: Information Security has always been a very substantial facet when it comes to hindering unauthorised access, destruction or inspection of confidential data. Today every field in the world makes use of multimedia information. There is need to secure the confidential information used in these areas. There are multiple approaches to secure information. One of


SAR Image Fusion Using Fire Fly Algorithm

Abstract: Unlike multispectral (MSI) and panchromatic (PAN) images, generally the spatial resolution of hyper spectral images(HSI) is limited, due to sensor limitations. In many applications,HSI with a high spectral as well as spatial resolution are required. In this paper, a new method for spatial resolution enhancement of a HSI using spectral unfixing and sparse coding


Predicting Detection Performance on Security X-Ray Images as a Function Of Image Quality

Abstract: Developing methods to predict how image quality affects task performance is a topic of great interest in many applications. While such studies have been performed in the medical imaging community, little work has been reported in the security X-ray imaging literature. In this work, we develop models that predict the effect of image quality


Online employee leave management System

Abstract: Efficient employee attendance management leads any organizations to increase overall corporate performance and accomplish specific goals. Accurate employee attendance records are importantly used to control working discipline and increase worker’s productivity. Manual attendance-time checking makes increasingly the expense of time-consuming and paper work of the companies. Human actions i.e. mistake at work, and fraudulent


Attentive Layer Separation for Object Classification and Object Localization in Object Detection

Abstract: Object detection became one of the major fields in computer vision. In object detection, object classification and object localization tasks are conducted. Previous deep learning-based object detection networks perform with feature maps generated by completely shared networks. However, object classification focuses on the most discriminative object part of the feature map. Whereas, object localization


A Novel Scheme Based on the Diffusion To Edge Detection

Abstract: A novel scheme of edge detection based on the physical law of diffusion is presented in this paper. Though the most current studies are using data based methods such as deep neural networks, these methods on machine learning need big data of labeled ground truth as well as a large amount of resources for


A Novel Technique for Effective Image Gallery Search using Content Based Image Retrieval System

Abstract: Content-based image retrieval is known as one of the upcoming procedural structure that will apply various techniques of computer vision for penetrating and organizing the huge image anthology in an effective manner. It is largely accepted that with the growth of immense collection of digital images generated by fast progress in electronically storage ability


Multimodal Bio-metric recognition with Fusion on Face Finger Iris Ear and Vein Pattern Based Recognition

Abstract: Security access control systems and forensic applications. Performance of conventional unimodal biometric systems is generally suffered due to the noisy data, non universality and intolerable error rate. In propose system, multi layer Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is applied to multimodal biometric human authentication using face, palm vein and fingerprints to increase the robustness of


Moving Object Detection in Complex Scene Using Spatiotemporal Structured-Sparse RPCA

Abstract: Moving object detection is a fundamental step invarious computer vision applications. Robust Principal ComponentAnalysis (RPCA) based methods have often been employedfor this task. However, the performance of these methodsdeteriorates in the presence of dynamic background scenes,camera jitter, camouflaged moving objects, and/or variations inillumination. It is because of an underlying assumption that theelements in the


Model-Based Separation,Detection, and Classification of Eye Movements

Abstract: We present a physiologically motivated eye movement analysis framework for model-based separation, detection, and classification (MBSDC) of eye movements. By estimating kinematic and neural controller signals for saccades, smooth pursuit, and fixational eye movements in a mechanistic model of the oculomotor system we are able to separate and analyze these eye movements independently. Methods:


Lung Classification Using Image Processing

Abstract: Effective identification of lung cancer at an initial stage is an important and crucial aspect of image processing. Several Segmentation  methods have been used to detect lung cancer at early stage. In this paper, an approach has been presented which will diagnose lung cancer at an initial stage using CT scan images. One of


Fusion Of Medical Images

Abstract: The project presents multi focus image fusion using stationary wavelet transform with local directional pattern and spatial frequency analysis. Multi focus image fusion in wireless visual sensor networks is a process of fusing two or more images to obtain a new one which contains a more accurate description of the scene than any of


Effective Image Filtering And Enhancement With Block Diagonal Representation

Abstract: Image DE blurring is the process of obtaining the original image by using the knowledge of the degrading factors. Degradation comes in many forms such as blur, noise, and camera Mis-focus. A major drawback of existing restoration methods for images is that they suffer from poor convergence properties, the algorithms converge to local minima,


Fusion of SAR and Multispectral Satellite Images Using Multiscale Analysis and Dempster-Shafer Theory for Flood Extent Extraction

Abstract: Monitoring flood extent by means of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images has become a very common practice among decision makers and planners in disaster management as these images provide wide area coverage in extreme weather conditions. However, due to the satellite revisit time, their availability hinders their efficient use in disaster management. To capitalize


Foggy Image Enhancement and Object Identification

Abstract: Images captured during adverse weather conditions frequently feature degraded visibility and undesirable color cast effects. Images captured in foggy weather conditions often suffer from poor visibility, which will create a lot of impacts on the outdoor computer vision systems, such as video surveillance, intelligent transportation assistance system, and remote sensing space cameras and so


Studies On Different CNN Algorithm for Face Skin Disease and Classification Of Clinical Images

Abstract: Skin problems not only injure physical health but also induce psychological problems, especially for patients whose faces have been damaged or even disfigured. Using smart devices, most of the people are able to obtain convenient clinical images of their face skin condition. On the other hand, the convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have achieved near


Matlab code for Eye Tracking based visualisation and Analysis

Abstract: Eye ball tracking system is assistant system to the patients who are not able to the voluntary works of the daily life. To communicate to the real world eye ball tracking will be useful. Patients who can control their eyes they can communicate to the people in the real world. In this project we


Image Dehazing by An Artificial Image Fusion Method based on Adaptive Structure Decomposition

Abstract: The project presents visibility restoration of single hazy images using color analysis and depth estimation with enhanced refined transmission technique. Visibility of outdoor images is often degraded by turbid mediums in poor weather, Haze can seriously affect the visible and visual quality of outdoor images. As a challenge in practice, image dehazing techniques are


Cloth Type Detection Using Segmentation And Classifier

Abstract: Quality inspection is an important aspect of modern industrial manufacturing. In textile industry production, automate fabric inspection is important for maintain the fabric quality. For a long time the fabric defects inspection process is still carried out with human visual inspection, and thus, insufficient and costly. Therefore, automatic fabric defect inspection is required to


A Cartoon-Texture Approach for JPEG JPEG 2000 Decompression Based on TGV and Shearlet Transform

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new artifact-free variation model for JPEG/JPEG 2000 decompression based on a cartoon-texture decomposition scheme. The new animal convolution type regularization associated with total generalized variation (TGV) and shear let transform can reconstruct piecewise smooth images with structured textures well, due to the property of shear let of representing


Hiding An Audio With Text With RC7 Encryption

Abstract: An enhancement of data protection system for secret communication using reserve room in encrypted images based on texture analysis with lifting wavelet is proposed here. The wavelet will decompose the image into four frequency sub bands namely LL, LH, HL and HH. These coefficients are then utilized in the encoder for removing the redundancies.

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